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Thank you for your interest in answering our call for contributing writers. While most of our news is auto-posted or auto-queued for publication, we’d like to have a fair balance of regular contributing writers as well. We are a 24/7 online news website looking for contributors who can contribute articles in any of our site categories:

  • Local news involves stories in south central and southern Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area.
  • Illinois news involves stories happening throughout the entire state.
  • National news involves stories happening through the entire U.S.
  • World news involves stories happening worldwide.
  • Politics/political news involves stories taking place at the local, county, state, Federal and international levels.
  • Business & Lifestyle is a general category, which is broken down into several subcategories: Automotive, Business, Financial, Life & Style, Technology, Travel and Your Health.
  • Sports news mostly involves collegiate and professional sports. Treat this category as if it was Bleacher Report, for example. As long as it’s in the U.S., we will also accept prep/high school sports story submissions.
  • Entertainment News is also a general category, broken down into four subcategories: Entertainment, Films, Gaming and TV/Radio News.
  • The Opinion section is split between Letters To The Editor (which you don’t have to contribute to) and Commentary (which you can contribute to).
  • Other categories can be added upon the author’s request.

The following guidelines will be applied:

  • You will need to register for an account. Upon confirmation, please set a profile picture through WordPress’ partner site Gravatar and post a brief author bio.
  • You are free to choose as many or as few categories to write content about.
  • Depending on the story, please plan on writing at least 300 words.
  • You are allowed to integrate an ad (e.g. code from Adsense, Chitika or some other ad network) with your content. Depending on length of content, contributor may be allowed to embed a second or third ad. This is offered as an alternative since we cannot currently compensate you for your articles at this time. In this particular case, you are allowed to post two ads throughout an article.
  • All content is subject to editing and final approval from the editor to ensure proper use of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure before publication.
  • Previous experience as a writer is encouraged, but not required.
  • Heartland Newsfeed and its parent company Heartland Internet Media Networks reserve the right to deny and refuse any article it deems unfit for publication in addition to the right to edit any content that promotes advertising of specific products or solicits readers to contact third-party individuals or organizations, even if it’s not related to the article.
  • All writers are expected to include the appropriate copyright information and reference sources for any professional quotes and any applicable images included in articles.

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  • Peak readership: 1,275 readers
  • March 1-May 31 (2017): Top 2 Million Sites, according to Alexa
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  • Since April 1 (2018): Top 200,000 Sites in the United States and the World, according to Alexa

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