California MediCal smoking
UCSF study: Quitting smoking could save California’s MediCal program $2.6 billion per year

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — Researchers say they think cutting smoking in each state by 1.

Maine becomes fourth state to raise tobacco smoking age to 21

AUGUSTA, Maine (UPI) —¬†Maine will become the fourth state to raise the tobacco smoking age.

Quit smoking to save the NHS: Treating smokers costs THIS much every year

QUITTING smoking could save the NHS millions of pounds a year by preventing thousands of.

Gogglebox fans in HYSTERICS as Mary laments people today ‘watching porn and smoking skunk’

GOGGLEBOX’s Mary Killen had viewers in hysterics last night when she was overcome with emotion.

CANNABIS WARNING: Smoking the Class B drug ‘increases stroke and heart failure risk’

SMOKING cannabis increases the risk of stroke by 26 per cent and heart failure by.