Heartland Newsfeed Live

Heartland Newsfeed Live is a live video simulcast of our 24/7 Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network radio broadcast stream.

Our primary platform that we stream to is Twitch.tv, where we are currently a Twitch Affiliate. As an Affiliate, we can be supported via subscriptions at the $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99 monthly tiers, donation of bits, cash and crypto donations, game sales and via purchasing items via the Amazon Blacksmith panel displayed on our page.

We are currently working on reaching Partner status, but first we must maintain the following within a 30-day period: 1) 500 total minutes broadcast, 2) must have broadcast on Twitch for seven unique days and 3) attain a viewership of three or more viewers. We are seeking input on our emotes – please reach out to us at jake.leonard@heartlandnewsfeed.com.

We are currently simulcasting to three additional platforms: YouTube, Smashcast and DLive.