Report: Brexit will cause 40,000 investment bankers to leave Britain

LONDON (UPI) — Britain could lose up to 40,000 investment bankers as a result of Brexit,.

Brexit talks stall as British cabinet feuds

Ed Adamczyk United Press International BRUSSELS (UPI) — Talks regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union.

May must give EU NHS workers ‘special status’ during Brexit negotiations, MPs demand

THE Government is facing a cross-party revolt unless they hand special status to NHS workers.

Gibraltar ‘warned’ Theresa May that Spain may have Brexit plot but ‘PM ignored requests’

THERESA May has betrayed Gibraltar and was “warned” that sneaky Spain would use Brexit to.

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: EU to demand EVERY British number plate is RECALLED by 2019

EUROPEAN Union transport chiefs want Brexit negotiators to demand the recall of ALL British vehicle.

BREXIT BORDERS: Michael Gove claims Britain will have FREE MOVEMENT – but with a catch

BREXITEER Michael Gove has claimed EU citizens will still be able to ‘freely’ come to.

Bitter eurocrat Donald Tusk tells May to agree to ‘divorce bill’ or Brexit WILL stall

THERESA May must make “sufficient progress” on the future of EU citizens living in the.

‘The EU has ruined us!’ Livid pensioner SCORNS anti-Brexit protesters in passionate tirade

A FURIOUS pensioner tore into a group of shameless Remain campaigners demonstrating against Theresa May’s.

European ‘vultures’ circling Britain waiting for UK companies to flounder during Brexit

EUROPEANS are acting like vultures circling the British economy as they wait for UK companies.

Article 50 author claims: ‘UK can do U-turn and STAY in EU at any time over talks’

THE former British diplomat who drafted Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has made the.