Author: Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: How do you want to be remembered?

Several years ago, my father stood with head bowed at a graveside funeral service. As.

spring cleaning
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Spring cleaning

At lunch a few days ago, my friend Tom said he and his wife planned.

Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Baseball

Hey, it’s baseball season! This game requires a glove and a moving bat, but it’s.

moving day
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Moving day

Many of us consider moving days stressful. Moves scared me so much I bought a.

senior rings
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Senior rings

I’ll never forget the day senior rings arrived. If somebody hadn’t locked me in a.

Detail portrait of Charles Perrault painted by Philippe Lallemand, circa 1672. Wikimedia Commons
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story Flashback: Charles Perrault

Editor Note: Rix is off on assignment. Here’s one of his Minute Stories, originally published.

rix quinn
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: New year resolutions

I discovered long ago that the best New Year resolutions require the least effort. Big.

rix quinn
Rix Quinn’s New Year Minute Story

Happy new year! So, have you ever wondered about the history of New Year celebrations?.

rix quinn
Rix Quinn’s Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas Trees Christmas trees are like a distant cousin. They come to your house, surround.

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Rix Quinn’s Minute Stories: December 16, 2018

Reading I’d like to salute one of America’s greatest unsung heroes. His name was Sterl.