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It’s a great feeling to get your driver’s license, but as soon as you finally get into your first ever car and take to the road, you start to feel like nobody knows how to drive. If this isn’t exactly the case, it’s still something to think about. It could be the difference between being involved in an accident and avoiding a collision. 

This type of cautious driving is something that new drivers can consider, but it’s useful for more experienced people, too. Here is why assuming no one else knows how to drive can benefit you. 

You Will Avoid Accidents

If you want to avoid accidents, either fender benders or more severe ones involving two or more vehicles, then assuming other drivers can’t drive should help you. By holding back and waiting only for clear signals, such as turn signals or even the car physically making a turn, you will minimize, and ho[efully eliminate, the chance of a collision. 

For new drivers, this approach is vital. For most, you will still have the training ingrained in your memory. You won’t have formed any bad habits yet. Perhaps it’s best to keep it that way. 

You Will Reduce Wear and Tear 

Accelerating too quickly, braking too suddenly, and going too fast are all things that could affect your car’s lifespan, especially if it isn’t technically yours. Sticking to a sensible driving style that reduces the risk of incidents will ensure that your car lasts longer.

You won’t need to replace the brake pads often. The clutch (if your car has one) will last longer, and your tires won’t wear down as quickly. This will ensure your car continues to perform better for longer. Additionally, you will also save money on gas and repairs. 


You Can Stay Calm and Prevent Road Rage

Some people succumb to road rage, some do not, and some actively embrace it. You don’t want to be one of those people, though, by accepting that nobody else knows what they are doing. It can help you stay calm when on the road and reduce further problems. 

By assuming that no one else can drive, you’re able to anticipate what could go wrong and adjust your driving to avoid any problems. If you expect such issues, you’re unlikely to be surprised if they do happen. Likewise, you will also be happy if they don’t. Road rage can be a massive problem for many people. However, if you stay calm, you’ll not have anything to worry about. 

Cautious, But Still Not Too Cautious

It’s useful to be cautious when it comes to driving, especially as a new driver. However, you must make sure you are not too careful, as this could make it even more likely that you’re involved in an accident. This is because you may not have the momentum or speed to accelerate in time. You may find other drivers are not paying attention. Perhaps you miss the chance for an exit, leading to a long, long queue behind you. So, be confident but not too confident, and be wary but not too wary, and you should be okay.

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