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We’re all looking for ways to upgrade and streamline our business practices. Whether it’s retail, manufacturing, or finance, all business owners and managers seek ways to increase productivity, improve safety and accuracy. Most of all, they should be able to save money

We forget that the standard machinery and equipment we utilize every day could use an upgrade when looking at technological innovations.


You wouldn’t be the first office with an outdated printer or copier that you know isn’t energy-efficient or ink-efficient. Although it still technically works, you can’t face the thought of shopping for another one. 

However, upgrading your printer or copier to a newer model can really save you money. Additionally, this provides you with professional-grade, polished printing. With technology always improving, modern printers just save so much ink and are more energy-efficient than even an older model. They jam less and need less maintenance, too, which saves you time as well as money.

It doesn’t mean you have to throw out your old model. Delegate to a lesser-used office, keep it as a backup or sell it to someone wants to buy it. You can also donate it to a local shelter or thrift store. You can even recycle old printers and copiers for repurposing! 



If you deal with any kind of inventory or merchandise, you likely weigh items often. You need your scales to be accurate, precise, and safe. Many companies get by with old scales that they’ve had for years. Sometimes, they assume the scale is still calibrated perfectly and in good working order. That may be so, but how long has it been since you upgraded? Just as with any machine, newer scales are much more accurate. You need your measurements to be spot on, so why not invest in the most accurate scale

Phone systems

Many companies still have and rely on landline phones, and that’s valid. While smartphones can do almost everything, having a landline set with multiple lines can be helpful. Additionally, the ability to put clients and customers on hold or transfer calls is always a good idea. Moreover, it discourages employees from being on their personal cell phones all day.

But whether you use the base unit for your employees or have headsets, it’s likely that you need an upgrade to your existing phone system. Many phone companies now offer digital lines with crisp quality sound, options like visual voicemail, and more. And headsets often have a design with the intent for comfort. They also offer accessibility and a variety of manual options, making customer service calls so much easier for your team. 

These are just three areas in which you might consider an upgrade, but there are so many more. Don’t get too comfortable using outdated technology, electronics, and tools for your office. Splurge a little to improve productivity and safety in the workplace!

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