Although there are more dating apps and ways to connect than ever, it’s harder than ever to find a partner. DraftMate thinks they have the solution for all sports fans.

They make a pretty good case for the app on their website. “Your free time is limited,” states their website. “Most of us spend our free time with people we already know rather than actively trying to meet someone new.”

DraftMate argues that when you use an app tailored to a specific interest, you are saying something important about yourself before you have even fill out your biography.

With most dating apps, you may need to vet dozens of potential partners before even finding one who expresses the same level of interest in sports as you do.

“DraftMate changes the game,” says their PR team.

Their claim is that every user on Draftmate will be just as much of a sports fan as you are, so you won’t have to waste time with small talk trying to find a common interest.

DraftMate says that through their app, you will be able to find someone who loves the same teams as you, which makes it easy to have that first conversation.

You can even ask them to catch a game at a bar as your first date. What do you think? Is this a great new dating app idea? If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their website.

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