How video and Instagram has been important in marketing strategies

Instagram video marketing

Video marketing is high in demand and will fuel more traffic, conversion, and leads in 2020. A video, if well-crafted, will impact product and service purchases in a significant way, especially when the millennials are concerned. To make a video that works best for your product and brand, you will need to learn three key rules. Firstly, you need to know the tidbits of what makes a successful Instagram video campaign. Secondly, you should explore ways to organize and use your video in the best way possible. Finally, you need to learn the best tactics to make the most of your digital and Instagram marketing strategies.

Before you begin

Before you start your creation, you must know some statistics experts think will impact the entire digital marketing scenario. These stats ideally and exclusively focus on photo and video sharing apps much like Instagram.

Video marketing is booming, as 81% of businesses are using video as part of their marketing strategies. This is a significant increase, compared to 63% last year. Currently, 88% of user time spent on the Internet is watching videos. By the end of 2022, 82% of all Internet traffic will likely come from videos. Research has shown that emails containing a video increases opening chances by another 7%.

When considering Instagram video stats, they can help make for a powerful marketing tool for more opportunities and better engagement. Ideally, using more Instagram videos will ensure that businesses do not need to buy Instagram followers. (Editor’s note: Buying followers of any kind is ill-advised because it is a shady practice.) They can earn them organically and that too in a large number.

Location tags, facial filters, and stickers make Instagram videos more valuable and practical to marketers. The users are more interested in scrolling and viewing then, in turn, seeing more ads in the process. Firstly, videos gain a massive exposure on Instagram having more than a billion active monthly users. Secondly, videos can influence purchases by more than 48%, with over 72% buying after watching the video. Thirdly, 65% of impressions are created from Instagram video ads. Finally, more than 75% of users take action after seeing a video.

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Therefore, videos can help you to make the most effective communication with the users as compared to any other forms of social media marketing.

Instagram and video marketing is soaring in popularity

There is no way you can ignore the power of video content, especially on Instagram. It is due to several factors that video has grown in popularity among marketers. These include built-in features, the flexibility of creativity, image and video editing and adding links to their website.

It is time for marketers to prepare for meeting the demands of a growing social audience. This audience will be seeking a more stunning, intuitive, and appealing video from their favorite brands.

Reasons marketers are going to video

By 2022, 82% or more of the overall Internet traffic is expected to come from video content. There are three contributing factors supporting this prediction. Firstly, people who watch videos have an increased attention span. Secondly, video content is better at explaining a product in the best way possible. Finally, video retains viewership and web traffic at a much higher retention rate compared to text or print media.

These are good enough reasons to spend more time and money in creating online video ad campaigns.

Creating video ads

An important principle in creating video ads is to ensure four things: audience captivation, professionalism, intuitiveness, and added value. Direct sponsored content can be added via personalization settings, but ensure that it will look good on mobile devices. It will play into your business objectives because with different businesses come different marketing goals and content requirements. You can also use customer testimonials or storytelling to build brand awareness.

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To generate more video demand, offer a sneak peek of a webinar or create a short demo or event preview. This will encourage the users to take necessary action.

What is with these predictions in video marketing?

The future of video content is also very impressive. More than 92% of marketers think that it will play a significant role in marketing in the future. Additionally, this means they will feature in most of the strategies. This is just the figure for the first quarter of 2020, which has grown from a 78% mark in 2015. This reflects the importance of video content.

Depending on how fast the demand growth is, it can provide a positive return on investment. Experts say that video content can create consumer sentiment. Its ability to do so has grown by a significant margin.

Experts are making some bold restrictions — which may or may not come to fruition:

  • Internet users will spend more than 100 minutes watching videos daily come 2021.
  • Nearly all marketers will utilize video this year (99%).
  • Nearly one of every two users will want videos included in a post (48%).
  • Two-thirds of video ads will have a length longer than 30 seconds.

As a result, investing in videos will be the most prudent decision in 2020 with a focus on the future.

Create personalized videos

If you really want to create videos for marketing, you should create customized videos for better results and broader reach. This is because consumers get engaged with more personalized messages. This is why marketers focus on video personalization to make it their key marketing strategy for more quality leads.

Personalized videos will build a stronger relationship with your target audience, providing for a better user experience.

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