Five tips to choose a dog crate that’s best for your dog

dog crate

If you have a dog in your home, you will know how much trouble they cause. Especially if the dog is a young puppy. Train your puppy the habits they have to follow through their entire life while they are still young. They tend to learn faster. Owning a pet dog comes with its own set of responsibilities such as feeding, consistent care, and so on. If you own a dog or you plan to purchase or adopt a dog, consider buying a dog crate.

Dogs being den animals, the crates provide a haven that they can relate with. They are excellent for the essential potty training if you allow them to roam around the home. 

They should be adequately big for your dog to be upright, move freely, and sleep with ease. It helps the dog understand not to soil in their crate, as dogs dislike soiling in their sleeping space. Here are some tips for choosing a dog crate for your dog.

Choose according to the dog’s age

Take into account that your puppy will grow into an adult dog in a few months. If you only buy a crate to cater to the puppy, it will no longer be sufficient. As a result, that means you’ll need to buy a larger crate to accommodate. If you only buy the crate suitable for an adult dog, the puppy could learn to relieve itself. It could go to the bathroom on one side of the crate and sleep in a different part. This is counterproductive to any and all potty training efforts.

Consider renting a dog crate instead of buying. You can exchange it later for a larger size when your dog becomes an adult.

There are also dog crates with a movable divider which can increase crate space as the puppy grows. You can create a makeshift divider for dog crates by stuffing old sheets or clothes behind a piece of cardboard

You can also purchase a crate with a pan and litter tray for your puppy. It is advisable to buy a crate with easy to clean materials. It’s imminent that your puppy will make a mess in it. Having an easy to clean material will allow you to clean the crate easily and use it again immediately.

Consider the dog’s breed

You must take into account the size and breed of your dog before purchasing a dog crate or kennel. If the crate is too small, it can be highly uncomfortable for and cause physical discomfort because of movement restrictions. If the crate is too large, it can make it feel unsafe and cause insecurity issues. It can also be harder to store your dog crate if it is too large. 

Your dog should consider the dog crate as a safe spot away from all distractions where they can relax. Consider the length of the dog from the nose to the end of the tail. Additionally, take consideration of the height from their paws to the top of its head while sitting. For best results, consider adding 2″ to 4″ to each when considering a crate.

Placing beds or blankets inside the crate can create a cozy feeling for your pet, as long as you have the allowance to accommodate it. Additionally, research your dog’s breed as adult sizes and weights vary. 

Dog crate materials

Plastic dog crates

Plastic is the most common material for making dog crates, and they can be more sturdy or less than a metal crate depending on the material. They are durable and do not allow your dog to chew through the material as with wooden crates. Plastic is softer than metal and thus offers more comfort to your dog. 

Crates made from plastic are also available in a huge variety of colors and attractive designs, and the top half of the crate is removable, which allows easy storage without taking up extra space. These crates provide extra privacy to your dog, along with features such as side ventilation and a leak-free bottom part. The lower airflow in plastic crates helps to insulate the crate, keeping the inside warm in a cold environment. 

However, plastic crates may get frustrating for your dog if it stays inside for a long time as it can not see the outside from the crate. Additionally, they can also hold odor and can be more difficult to clean than a metal crate. 

Metal dog crates

Metal crates are another popular option for your dog, and they are perfect if you live in a hot environment as they help to keep your dog cool with ample airflow.

Crates made from metal are easy to clean and store due to being lightweight. Wire crates are also foldable for easy transport, and the bottom tray is removable for effortless cleaning. You can use a crate cover over the metal wire crate for providing additional privacy to your dog. Additionally, they do not absorb odors and are straightforward to clean. 

However, rusting can occur on the metal wires over time, which can compromise the integrity of the crate and become hazardous for your dog. Wooden crates can be troublesome as the material is porous and can absorb odors and dirt, making it harder to clean. Wooden crates are the most aesthetically pleasing type of dog crate, but they can be difficult to transport. The design of the crate can integrate with the rest of your furniture and become a permanent installment to your home. 

Dog crates for travel use

Crates are excellent for transporting your pets along with you while traveling. Travel crates are available in a variety of materials, and they are easily portable because of their lightweight. Soft dog crates are comforting for your pet, provide good airflow and are lightweight, making it perfect if you want to bring your dog to work. Soft wall crates are easy to set up in a few minutes, and you can use it if your dog is already accustomed to a dog crate. 

Crates are essential while traveling, whether you are traveling by car or plane. They should be sturdy enough to protect your dog in case of an accident and large and roomy enough to be comfortable over long journeys. A crate is supposed to be a haven for your dog and allow you to concentrate on driving the car.

If you are traveling by air, your dog will be in a temperature-controlled and pressure-controlled cabin underneath the passenger cabin. The crate must be sturdy and should not be collapsible, and their construction must be from materials such as metals, fiberglass, metal mesh, or rigid plastic. 

Open crates for exercise

Open kennels or exercise pens are not exactly crates as they only enclose the sides while leaving the top and bottom portions open. Make sure the size and shape is adjustable for flexibility, depending on the size of your dog. 

You can easily set it up in an outdoor or indoor environment when you do not want your dog to run off or want to restrict their activity to a small space. It can also be attachable to the outside of your existing dog crate for creating a secure play zone for your pet. 


You will need to potty train your dog, especially if you plan to let them roam free in your home. Your dogs can chew your furniture or have a barking problem, both of which you can solve with the help of dog crates. Crates provide emotional and mental benefits for your dog and also grant a haven for your dog when you are out of your house. It also prevents the dogs from jumping on your guests, and you can transport your dog safely in a crate. 

Buying a dog crate is probably the most expensive thing you will need to buy for your dog. There are plenty of choices for the material of the dog crates, and several variations are available in plastic or metal and with features such as collapsible wheels, or collapsible for easy storage and transportation. The most frequent mistake that dog owners make when buying dog crates is buying crates too small or too large for the size of your dog. 

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