Welcoming guests in style: the best exterior roofing and lighting ideas for your home

exterior roofing lighting

Decorating the exterior of your home is just as crucial as renovating the internal. A well decorated and furnished exterior is a sight to behold. It curbs an appeal as a first impression.

Exterior roofing ideas

Long gone are the days when our guests would have a hard time shifting their seats towards the house for shelter. Whether it is for your porch, patio, deck, or veranda, you need to roof it in a way that excellently showcases your style and taste.

Gable roof

This is a widespread type of roofing. They are pitched roofs with the two sides meeting at the center, just like in a traditional house. You can attach them either directly to your home or separately when your deck or patio is situated away from the house. They offer protection from rain, sun, or snow. Things to consider when replacing a roof that should be easy to install and relatively inexpensive. A study shows that they are excellent as they allow water to drain off quickly and allow sufficient ventilation.


This type has a single sloping roofing. Similar to a flat roof just that it has a slightly inclined surface. This means they do not have a joint in the middle. An advantage of this type of roofing for your exterior space is that they are considerably inexpensive, and rainwater collection is convenient.

Dome style roof

This showcases both elegance and style. They provide an attractive outdoor space covering for your family and guests meetings and activities. Domes are generally versatile, as you can experience with numerous designs. You can opt for the traditional dome, which is similar to arches. They are quite architectural; thus, you may dig dipper into your pockets to install them.

Roof extension

This is whereby the deck area is beneath the second floor as it extends over it.  They are an extension of the original roofing that blends with the original roofing. The main disadvantage of this roofing or covering is that it is often darker as compared to most exterior space coverings.

Wave style roof

To construct the wave style roof, you use the overlapping parts of dome roofs to deliver an artistic look.  Although the panels used are separate, their design is in such a way that they do not allow rainwater to get through. The wave style is versatile in design, meaning you can easily coin it to fit your preferences or the shape and size of your outdoor space. Hire a competent roofing contractor to install the wave style roof to your personal preferences.

The flyover style

This style rises high above covering a large area, including your outdoor space and the home’s roof. They are typically large and incline to one side. They add more height to your outdoor space in a stylish and modern way. These provide airflow for you and your guests.

Insulated roofing

This is a smart outdoor roofing. It will keep excess heat from your outdoor space, thus increasing your comfort even in summer. It will also prevent rain from penetrating. Additionally, during cold weather, it will prevent the heat from escaping quickly.

Above are excellent roofing ideas for your outdoor space. In most instances, the first thing people will use to assess the style of a home is the roofing. Therefore, welcome your guests with these designs that will transfer your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and class

Outdoor lighting ideas

Frame the main entrance of your house

The best way to light up your entry is by installing matching sconces as it becomes well-lit as well as inviting. This illumination will further guide your guest towards the house while creating a serene and warm impression on them. It sets the tone for your guests. It generally improves the home’s look and enhances the safety factor.

Take indoors, outwards

This involves transforming the indoor lighting means for use outdoors. This adds radiance and glamour to an already well maintained outdoor space. An outdoor chandelier, for example, serves the purpose of illumination and beauty.

Outdoor pendant lights

Get an outdoor pendant that provides a generous spread of light. This creates an inviting entrance and makes it more indoor-like. The suspended pendant light directs the concentrated light to specific areas. 

Get cordless lamps

These lamps deliver a touch of class to your outdoor space when having happy moments with your guests. It is grand being a centerpiece as it casts ambient light over, for example, dinner. For added glow, add some candles and shelter them.

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Use mini table lights

Low and straightforward table lights are perfect for your outdoor space. These are essential when you want ample illumination to see what you are drinking and eating as you socialize comfortably with your guests.

Light up the stairs

You can light the stairs by either using paper bag lanterns or strip lighting. For paper bag lanterns, use LED battery-operated lights. For strip lighting, place the LED strips along or beneath the base of your stairs.  This is a way of lighting the entrance to your cozy home. It transforms you outdoors into an attractive space giving it an excellent modern look.

Recessed deck lighting

This is perfect when you have outdoor roofing. This protects them from weather elements. They are easy to maintain, as they do not require constant cleaning. They mount flush to the deck boards, thereby illuminating your furniture and artistic products.

Under rail lighting

Almost all outdoor spaces such as decks and patios have rails. Mostly, we build these rails for safety and decorative purposes. Pinning lights under these rails illuminates the edge of your deck while creating a warm ambiance.

Welcome your guests in style by creating an ambient and cozy atmosphere with great roofing coupled with excellent lighting. Good lighting serves the purpose of encouraging conversations and healthy socialization. Furthermore, it helps the additional security purpose, mainly where the deck or outdoor space extends from the house.

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Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and loves to contribute as a freelancer on Best Roofing Company . She enjoys writing about home decor all around the globe.  Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to improve their home and lifestyle.

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Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and loves to contribute as a freelancer for Best Roofing Company. She enjoys writing about home decor all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to improve their home and lifestyle.

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