Two dead after passenger train derails in Australia


WALLAN, Victoria, Australia (UPI) — Two people were killed Thursday when a passenger train derailed in southeastern Australia, authorities said.

Two people dead after train derails 47km north of Melbourne

The Australian Country Fire Authority said a diesel locomotive and five passenger carriages of the Melbourne-to-Sydney train jumped the tracks about 30 miles north of Melbourne, near Wallan in Victoria state.

Officials said the train was carrying 160 passengers. An emergency medical center was set up at a nearby restaurant and gas station to treat the injured.

The tracks were significantly damaged and the busy rail line was closed.

Scott Rickard, a passenger who posted photos of the derailment to her Twitter account, said the experience was frightening.

“We just seemed to be slowing to a very fast stop,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “Stuff flew off our tables, people started moving around, luggage went flying, that kind of thing.”

Authorities are investigating the cause.

Reporting by Don Jacobson

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