Seven elements to ensure a successful business venture


Investors hungry for success and eager business owners looking to make their big break onto the market are constantly on the lookout for the golden tips that help one stay alive in a crowded, competitive economy. Few know where to look, however, and even fewer recognize the importance of gleaming lessons from common business failures as well as common success stories. By studying the mistakes of the past, and by borrowing the most common traits of successful business ventures, you’ll be on your way to success in a heartbeat.

Recognize the importance of branding

Few things can define a business venture’s success more so than its branding; from your logo to your catchphrase, to even a company mascot, your brand defines your business and will be a huge driver of your success or failure.

Customers come to associate your brand with the positive feelings they get when they use your products or services, and, if you treat them right, can be relied upon to consistently return and give you their business again. So how do you up your business venture’s branding game?

Learning to appreciate the finer details of branding will get your company ahead of the competition. Just don’t go overboard; no one likes a showoff, and your company shouldn’t promise more than it can provide.

Follow the well-trodden path

Every savvy entrepreneur understands the importance of creativity in business, and the most successful understand those unique ideas are those which generate the greatest returns.

Following the well-trodden path taken by experienced and successful companies, however, can be a lucrative way to get your first business venture off the ground.

Know what the most profitable areas of the market are at any given time, and constantly study the techniques of startups who find early success.

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Those who successfully adopt useful technology, for instance, maybe worth copying if you’re trying to digitize your own business operations but don’t know where to start.

Build a culture of success

To truly succeed in the marketplace, you’ll need to foster a culture of success. This means a transparent business that offers its employees opportunities to advance in the ranks, provided they make themselves useful and show personal growth. Over time, a culture of success will prove vital towards keeping innovation alive and finding new ways to grow your business.

Find your niche audience

In today’s digital-driven era, finding your niche audience to market your products or services is easier than ever. By relying on digital microtargeting, for instance, you can ensure your business venture’s marketing campaign goes only to those most likely to buy into your idea and can avoid needless waste.

For example, a service that handles photo experiences, such as Mag-nificent instant photo experiences, has found a way to focus on corporate events to maximize profits.

Harness the power of the internet, where like-minded groups naturally come together, and your brand will find its own flock of die-hard loyalists in no time.

Invest in your human capital

There’s no part of your business that’s more vital to your long-term success than human capital that can adapt and grow over time. Your employees are the spirit of your company, and, groomed appropriately, will serve you well for years while building successful careers for themselves. Companies like Virginia Kitchen and Bath have established themselves in their community and nurtured a generation of employees. Having an education or retraining program, then, or helping your employees further their own educations independently, will help your company retain the best talent in the business.

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Learn from your mistakes

You’ll never find the success you’ve been chasing for so long if you don’t learn to glean information from your past mistakes.

Harnessing the powers of your own failure, and studying the paths taken by others that led to defeat, will save you from tripping up over the same issues time and time again.

This won’t be easy; learn to accept criticisms without having a meltdown, and reflect on your problems analytically, and you’ll soon find yourself closer to achieving your dreams.

Know that it’s not always about business

To really achieve success in the marketplace, you’ll need to remember that life’s not always about the business world.

Learning to reflect on and grow from personal experiences you enjoy with your friends and family will have surprisingly beneficial results for your career and can help you develop as a person.

Ultimately, the chief driver of your success is your own happiness and competence, which can only be kept high with constant self-reflection.

Don’t get lost in the office; take some time off every once in a while, and you’ll find yourself returning from breaks more refreshed and ready to succeed.

It’s a healthier way to do business, and you’ll find yourself happy come retirement age when you can look back on what you’ve achieved with pride.

Sarah Hanney is a marketing & PR expert and strategy addict. She works closely with small businesses and startups to achieve their next stage of growth. Sarah is a firm believer that you can put creativity into the simplest marketing tactic. She specializes in building brands from the ground up through strategy, public relations, media and influencer relations, social media, experiential marketing, and content development.

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