Cleaning your home? Seven must-know secrets you should know to make cleanings easier

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When it comes to cleaning your house, it can take hours and hours so it’s spotless. You are probably wondering how the cleaning professionals do it so fast and so good. Most people just don’t have the budget to hire a cleaning service every week, so here are some must-know secrets so you can clean as fast and as good by yourself.

Have proper tools and keep them close

The most important thing you need to do is keep all the cleaning products and tools near you so you don’t waste any time walking back and forth. The most efficient thing you can do is wear an apron or a tool belt and fill the pockets with everything you need. If you buy your cleaning products in bulk, pour them into smaller containers so they fit in your pockets. Put only tools and products that are essential in the pockets so you aren’t carrying too much stuff, because it will get in the way of cleaning.

Before everything else, declutter

In most cases when there is clutter in your home it is because there is too much stuff there. When you don’t have an assigned place for your things, they end up just being in the way and moving around. Therefore, to have a clean home you first have to declutter. You need to get rid of things that you are having for just in case and things that you haven’t used in months.

Dust with a duster

Yes, clothes will remove dust, but you will save more time if you do it with a feather duster. These kinds of dusters are great to have especially when it comes to cleaning pictures, blinds or things that are hard to reach. You need to make it a quick everyday thing so there is no heavy dust build-up. If it happens to build up you will need to use a vacuum which will take a lot more time.

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Hire a professional

There is no shame in hiring a bond cleaner now and then so that you have a clean slate to work with. Most tenants in Sydney do that. And that is because, when you are cleaning by yourself you are just getting rid of dirt and dust and nor really getting into it. Most tenants choose to go with bond cleaning in Sydney because they will get the bond money back from their landlord once the lease is over.

Degrease regularly

Grease is the hardest thing to clean if you let it build up. Is important that you have a grease cleaner and that you go over places in the kitchen like the cabinets or the backsplash at the end of the day. If you don’t like any store-bought degreasers you can make your own. All you need is warm water and liquid dish soap, but if you are dealing with built-up grease you can mix baking soda with warm water and scrub the place with a sponge.

Wipe down stainless-steel

We all know that stainless-steel things are a magnet for fingerprints and watermarks. But you can’t beat them by wiping it won’t with mineral oil and a soft cloth once or twice a week. The mineral oil will help things for sticking to things that are like sinks or countertops, making it much easier to clean.

Streak-proof all of your windows

Cleaning your windows with a paper towel sometimes just isn’t good enough. If you have small windows you can use newspaper to clean the windows without having to worry about ugly streaks. But, if your home has large windows the best way to clean them is with a squeegee. It will be drastically faster and you will get to reach all corners where dust usually builds up that you can reach with just your hands.

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There were just a couple of many secrets that will help you clean your home in a flash. By combining some of these tips and making it your daily cleaning routine you will spend less time cleaning your home.

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