An insight into transdermal patches as a nutritional supplement

transdermal patches

Nutrients play a vital role to lead a healthy life and for an overall well being also. These nutrients are supplied to our bodies through the foods we consume every day. But sometimes these nutrient requirements can be overlooked. In such instances, we rely on supplement pills or syrups to meet the daily requirements. However, forgetting to take these supplements regularly is also a common scenario. To overcome this, the usage of vitamins as transdermal patches will help. It is a very simple process to keep us on track and ensure that our body gets all the essential nutrients in the right amount to stay strong and work efficiently. Read on to gather more information about the transdermal patches, how it works and the advantages in overall well being.

Today, there are several transdermal patches available in the market besides supplement patches. Smoking cessation patches, birth control patches, patches to overcome dementia symptoms and others are commonly used patches. These are a very simple device that can be fixed on your skin to ensure the absorption of medicines, vitamins or minerals in a non-invasive method. These supplements enter directly into the bloodstream through different skin layers thus bringing the quick action. 

Guidelines for the first-time user

A transdermal patch is an innovative and clever way of providing all the essential nutrients and medicines continuously through non-invasive methods. These are available in local medical stores and can be purchased online. If you are a first-time user, it is crucial to understand the procedure to apply them correctly so that you get the desired result. Transdermal patches are very easy to use and resemble a plaster. It looks like a thin pad with an adhesive tape at the back. This is fixed on the top layer of the skin through which the medicine or nutrients will enter the bloodstream untouched by the digestive tract. Hence no need to worry about any side effects or dangerous reactions.

  • These patches are available in airtight pouches. Using your fingers, open the patch carefully without damaging the thin pad inside.
  • The plastic coating and the adhesive tape at the backside can be pulled out easily. Any touch on the surface of the pad can compromise the effectiveness, hence be cautious while handling the thin pad.
  • Apply this patch firmly on the non-hairy, dry and clean area of your skin with its sticky side.
  • If you want to apply the patch after taking a bath or shower, make sure that your body temperature comes back to normal before proceeding with the process.
  • Before sticking the patch, do not apply talcum powder, cream or any kind of moisturizer on your skin as this can make the patch non-sticky to your skin.
  • After sticking the patch on your skin, run your fingers around the edges to make sure that it is sealed properly. This will prevent any air and water from getting inside. Now you can forget about the patch and go back to your daily routine.
  • For better effectiveness, read through the instructions carefully and follow them properly. Avoid fixing them on irritated spots on your skin.

How does it work? 

Transdermal patches are designed in a way that doesn’t cause fluctuations in the blood levels.  The nutrients and medicines get into the bloodstream through skin layers. Skin patches are advantageous as they tend to retain effectiveness over some time. Check out the article about transdermal patches,, to get a better insight.  Health experts say that skin patches are useful in any kind of wellness concerns. Another reason why skin patches are preferred is the nutrients and medicines are released into the body in a very controlled manner through the porous membrane present on the adhesive or by the body heat melting the thin layers of supplements present on the adhesive. There are several types of transdermal patches available. Some are single layer drug in adhesive, multi-layer drug in adhesive, matrix, vapor patch and reservoir.

Advantages of transdermal patches

There are many advantages of using transdermal patches especially to meet up the daily requirement of essential nutrients in children. One of the biggest challenges every parent face is the child who is choosy on foods. Most of the time kids are fussy about eating vegetables and fruits. In such instances, supplement skin patch is the ideal solution for parents to deal with their kid’s nutrient intake that can enhance optimal growth.

Meets the daily requirement of vitamins & minerals 

Vitamin patches are a natural alternative for those who have dietary restrictions due to an existing disease condition. These patches are sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free hence no risk of any potential complications by using them. This way everyone can fulfill their daily dietary requirements. 

To lead a healthy life, it is essential to have a diet rich in all macro and micronutrients along with regular exercise. Apart from meeting up the daily requirements, certain vitamin and mineral combinations of skin patches aids in sound sleep. A combined form of magnesium and melatonin are good at managing your stress and providing relaxation to your body. 

Quicker absorption

Skin patches aids in quicker absorption of nutrients unlike the normal long process of digestion and absorption. It is easy to carry options rather than carrying the capsule strips or bottles. A skin patch offers a longer vitamin administration time lasting for almost 8 hours. This means that 8 hours of absorption can provide much more than what your body demands.

In the new era of medicine, the transdermal patches have become an effective alternative in supplementing drugs and nutrients for those who are bedridden and facing problems in oral consumption. Not only adults can take advantage of this but this becomes handy with kids also. This is a good alternative for those with hypersensitivity, allergy, and dietary restrictions. Trans-dermal patches are the simplest solution for those suffering from memory loss. Aged people also benefit a lot from these patches.  For all the above reasons, this has become popular as a good alternative for adults with a hectic schedule.

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