Firefighters rescue deer from backyard pool in Ohio

Firefighters from the Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire Protection District filmed a rescue they made Thursday of a deer who fell into a residential pool. (Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire Protection District/Facebook image)

DEER PARK, Ohio (UPI) — Firefighters in Ohio came to the rescue of a deer that fell through the cover of a resident’s backyard swimming pool and couldn’t climb out of the water.

Sandy Arbino of Deer Park said she looked into her back yard about 11 a.m. Thursday and noticed her pool cover had come loose in the water.

Arbino said she noticed moments later that there was a deer swimming in the pool.

The resident contacted Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire Protection District, which shared photos from the rescue on Facebook.

The firefighters lifted the tired but uninjured deer out of the pool.

Arbino said the deer remained on her deck for a while to recover its strength before running off.

Reporting by Ben Hooper

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