Las Vegas bookies, sports media at odds over Super Bowl winning odds

Super Bowl Miami betting odds
Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. is the host venue for Super Bowl LIV on February 2. The venue hosted the CapitalOne Orange Bowl on December 30, 2019. (Hard Rock Stadium photo)

(Heartland Newsfeed) — Oh, how it’s funny how the odds constantly change in sports, especially among USA sports betting online bookies. Our of our guest columnists, Steve Martin, wrote about the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami and it mentioned odds set by the bookies in Las Vegas.

What a matter of hours will do to change the game for hardcore gamblers when it comes to the biggest game of the NFL season.

From the mentioned article:

Predictions for the February 2 showdown has oddsmakers buzzing in Las Vegas, as they currently favor the Kansas City Chiefs at +125. The San Francisco 49ers are close behind at +150, while the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans have long-shot odds at +470 and +650 respectively.

A recent update from another sportsbook provider has the same odds for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, but they paint a much different picture — +600 for the Green Bay Packers and +650 for the Tennessee Titans.

ESPN staff writer and analyst Bill Barnwell recently broke down the chances of which NFL team will win it all in Super Bowl LIV in Miami. (Bill Barnwell/Twitter photo)

ESPN, often considered by skeptical journalists and sports connoisseurs as the “worldwide misleader in sports”, views it much differently.

ESPN analyst Bill Barnwell analyzed the Chiefs, 49ers, Packers and Titans and explained the best and worst aspects of each team.

Among the analysis:

  • 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo completed 59 percent of his passes that resulted in 20 or more yards down the field. The third best TD percentage is held by Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.
  • The Niners struggled with their running game in the 2019-20 campaign, as they ranked 20th in first down conversions and 13th in overall rushing yards.
  • ESPN’s FPI model gave San Francisco a 73 percent chance to advance to the conference championship (check), a 49.5 percent chance of advancing to the Super Bowl and a 18.7 percent chance of winning it all.
  • Barnwell compared the 13-3 Niners to the Seattle Seahawks campaign of 2013-14, who also finished the regular season 13-3. Both were top seeds entering the playoffs.
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In comparison, ESPN ranks San Fran’s chances to be third-best, which contrasts with Las Vegas bookies. (Also, being compared to a team that was relatively good six years ago…..ouch!)

You’re likely among several demographics at this juncture of the NFL post-season. You no longer have a dog in the fight and will cease to watch any more football until the Super Bowl. Your team is no longer in the playoffs, but you’re bandwagoning with another team until after the Super Bowl. You have no more interest in football this season and you’ve moved on to something else worth your time, like professional wrestling. You’re done with the NFL for the season and just want the revived XFL to kick off their season next month. Either way, you’re either done with football until next season, you’re waiting on the playoffs or you’re waiting on a competitive league to start.

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