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No party is complete without good music and a little bit of booze. Alcohol sets the mood right and eases out of the atmosphere. When it comes to choosing the right spirit, you are likely to remain in a dilemma for some time. From the bitter taste of vodka shots to rich and creamy wine flavors, every other spirit tastes as amazing as ever. But, nothing appeals to the taste buds as much as the Caribbean booze does. Speaking about Caribbean alcohol, rum is undoubtedly a must-try when the summers approach. Along with the diverse tastes, you will also find multiple types in this. The spirit surely satisfies every alcohol lover with its spicy flavor and sweet feels.  

If you’re someone who can’t handle strong booze, then you must taste the fruity rum with a bit of tropical essence. For all the long-term spirit fans, even dry yet oaky rum works extravagantly. What’s even better is that you can quickly gulp down the neat shots of rum. Before starting your rum exploration, it’s always better to do some research. Find out the types, flavors, and brands available. Also, keep in mind the average amount of bucks these brands might cost you. 

Imported & Authentic Santa Teresa 1796 (pictured above)

If your goal is to grab the best rum, then don’t forget to consider the Venezuelan delicacy Santa Teresa. Enriched with the oaky spice and a taste that will allure your taste buds, this two hundred years old spirit will astonish you. This spicy rum contains an ecstatic blend of cacao, nuts, and butter. Also, it’s not as sweet as the other rums. The taste ranges in between sweet and spicy with slightly honeyed essence. Not only does this boast a rich mixture of nuts, but it also has a flavor that leaves you craving for more.  

 To make the most of its flavors, you must try the drink with loads of ice. For all those who are old in the rum game, Santa Teresa is a must-try. As far as preparation is concerned, this rum undergoes extensive processing. Solera process is highly specific to sherry drinks, but a few rums are also associated with it. Some parts of the drink are as old as 35 years, and it’s quite evident in the taste. Overall, this spirit is good for those seeking a change in their rum journey.  



Coconut Essence Of Bacardi Spirit 

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For all the beginners out there, Bacardi white rum is the best so far. The rum ranks no. 1 in the tropical spirits and has diverse flavors that you can try. But, the rich coconut essence is the favorite of all. This flavor works best with cocktails as well as served neat.

From enhancing the taste of your pina colada to spicing up the juices, this rum does it all. You can transform the summer parties into an ecstatic one with the Bacardi rum. The overall finish is highly aromatic, crisp and clean. You must try your hands out on the rich coconut and spicy nuts flavors. 

The brand launches innumerable flavors to try from. Some of the old flavors include peach red and dragon berry ones. Other than that, you can also give your taste buds a treat with the big apple and lemon essence. With more than 20 million annual sales, the spirit will surely enlighten your mind with their unique tastes. What makes the drink highly versatile is that it goes well with everything. Be it coca-cola or fancy cocktails, you can pair it up with absolutely anything.  


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Oaky Taste Of Flor de Cana 

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Flor de Cana is the ideal rum choice for making your pina colada mouth-watering and complete.

The brand is an authentic one and prepares the spirits with the best ingredients and molasses.

Bottles are often sealed in Nicaraguan leaves and safeguarded at every step.

You can mix this white rum with every cocktail and get the required unique taste in no time.

Along with this, there are multiple flavors available.

From dry oaky flavors to rich and strong ones, you will find every essence in this brand.

Enjoy this drink with desserts, meals and even dark chocolates. 


Cocktail Worthy Brugal Especial Rum 

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If you’re in search of a rum that contains multiple ingredients and pure taste, then Brugal especial is the right one for you.

The spirit includes a good blend of tangerines, vanilla, lemon, and coconut flavors. Along with this, you can easily taste white blossoms while enjoying your fancy cocktails.

This white rum comes out as a refreshing and creamy one with vanilla flavors dripping from every sip.

Transform your summer evenings with some Brugal and chocolate cake.

The drink is both smooth and strong, providing the much-needed spicy feel.  



Mojito Friendly Havana Club 3 

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 Here’s a Cuban delicacy filled with fresh limes and bourbon-like taste.

If you’re a lover of whiskey, you must try out the Havana Club 3.

You can fill up your mojitos and daiquiris with this ecstatic spirit to get the right taste.

When talking about the ingredients, multiple items, when blended, bring out the best of this drink.

Loaded with lime, oak, and ginger, the spirit is a must-try.

If you like the flavor of nuts, then this drink is ideal for you.

Achieve the perfect vanilla and oak essence with Havana Club rums.  


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Bottom line 

If you’re a lover of the spirits, make sure to get your hands on the Caribbean versions of rum. Made out of molasses and vanilla flavors, this drink is ideal for bourbon lovers. However, the flavors range from sweet to spicy with a touch of oaks and related wood flavors. Begin your rum adventurous with some light white rums and then gradually move towards the dry ones. Experience the toasty flavors of the rum with the best brands listed above. After mastering the white rums, you can prepare yourself for the dark and golden ones. Give your taste buds delight with some ecstatic booze and smooth dessert.

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