Perry declares Libertarian run for New Hampshire governor in 2020

Darryl W Perry
Darryl W. Perry delivers the closing keynote speech during the 2015 edition of Keenevention. Perry announced Wednesday that he is running for governor of New Hampshire in 2020. (Ian Freeman/Kennevention file photo)

MANCHESTER, N.H. (Heartland Newsfeed) — A former presidential hopeful for the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016 is setting his sights toward New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and the governorship next year.

Darryl W. Perry, a former co-host of nationally syndicated radio program Free Talk Live, declared his intention to enter the race on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Perry is running on a platform of criminal justice reform, lower taxation, ballot access reform and voting rights, according to his website.

The activist, author, news personality and former Libertarian Party of New Hampshire chairman ran a limited write-in campaign in 2016 following his dismay over the nomination of Gary Johnson and running mate William Weld, two former Republican governors who embraced the party platform. Johnson received nearly 4.5 million votes in 2016, roughly four times the votes earned in his previous run in 2012.

Sununu defeated Democratic nominee Colin Van Ostern by nearly 17,000 votes in the 2016 general election. Libertarian nominee and state representative Max Abramson earned 4.31 percent of the vote in that same election.

Perry has advocated for organizations such as The Innocence Project, running under their banner in the 2018 NYC Marathon.

Perry is also the founder of Liberty Lobby LLC, a libertarian lobbying firm which calls for the New Hampshire legislature to pass legislation further supporting individual rights, minimal government and maximum freedom.

Perry’s campaign is accepting campaign contributions via PayPal and cryptocurrency.

The 2020 general election is November 3, 2020.

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