Could your job be killing you? A look at the most dangerous careers

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The vast majority of today’s jobs are completely safe. More people are working in offices than ever before, and business security has only gotten better over the years, making it hard to find excitement or danger when you embark on your daily grind. Of course, though, there are still plenty of roles which come with some sort of risk. While many of these jobs are relatively unseen by the wider population, they still have to be done, and those putting their lives on the line often get the raw end of the deal. But, what exactly are the most dangerous jobs in the modern US market?

People have been living off of the ocean for thousands of years, with this vast resource providing countless souls with the food and income they need to survive since long before civilizations started popping up. While this may seem like a rather tame job, those going out to the deepest parts of the ocean can be at great risk. In 2019, the death rate for deep-sea fishermen was higher than you might expect, at 86 per 100,000 workers. This has opened up a market for maritime accident attorneys who offer premier legal representation to those who get injured while they do their work at sea, and are lucky enough not to be killed by this profession.

It’s time to think about a job much closer to home, with most people having dealt with professionals like this at some point in their lives. Roofers have to spend much of their career working over high drops in all sorts of weather conditions. This should make it no surprise that more than 100 die each year in the US, with the vast majority of the deaths being the result of a fall. Many more end up suffering from life-altering injuries, and this can be enough to make it impossible for someone to continue in their trade.

Like fishing, collecting wood is something that people have been doing for an extremely long time. Even the most basic of human tools can cut wood, though this has never been on quite the scale which is seen around the world today. In the US, more than 130 out of 100,000 lumberjacks die each year while doing their jobs. This is thanks to a combination of trees falling in unexpected places, drowning while logs are being moved with water, and the bulky tools these professionals have to carry with them. This is arguably the most dangerous job in the US, making it hard for businesses to find employees.

Commercial diving
Most people are blessed with the opportunity to work in an environment that is relatively stress-free. You have plenty of space, don’t work with potentially hazardous tools, and, most importantly, can breathe freely without the help of a mask. These aren’t luxuries that commercial divers get to enjoy, especially when their role involves engineering. People drown, suffer blunt force trauma, and can even find themselves being exposed to chemicals while working in this sort of role. Of course, though, the job itself doesn’t have to kill you; suffering a medical emergency in a place where you can’t be reached could be enough to do the job.

Waste collection
People are often surprised to see the high salary waste collection workers will get. For a job which doesn’t require past experience or university qualifications, you’d be right in thinking that there is more to the pay these professionals get than meets the eye. This job is dangerous, with around 34 out of every 100,000 dying each year in the US, and this is for a number of reasons. Having to move around busy roads and heavy machines plays a big role, with a lot of waste collection workers simply getting run over. Alongside this, though, there is also the risk of getting hurt by something in the waste they are handling.

There are a lot of dangerous jobs in the world, and this article is barely scratching the surface. Even working in an office can be risky, though, with wires to trip on, long working hours, and difficult bosses to appease. This doesn’t mean that you should spend each day worrying about your role, and many people throughout the world simply grit their teeth and carry on when it comes to a day at work. It’s always worth remembering that the US is blessed with strict work standards, and this makes it hard for employers to treat their teams badly.

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