How to help maintain staff health in the workplace

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Looking after your staff’s health and mental wellbeing is important not only for their happiness but also because it’s good for business when you have all of your staff in the office. Productivity levels are going to be higher, and there’s certainly going to be a more positive atmosphere in the work environment because of it. Here are some tips to help maintain staff health in the workplace.

Put safety procedures in place

Safety procedures are put in place for a reason, and that’s because they keep everyone safe. Well, safe for the majority of the time. These safety procedures can be a way of helping to cover your back if one of your staff injures themselves and work, and you receive a call from Hupy & Abraham’s personal injury lawyers. Think about what elements of the workplace are dangerous and what steps could be taken to help avoid these. Every staff member should know the dangers in the workplace, whether it’s to do with certain heavy machinery or the general risks that come with communal spaces like the kitchen, for example. The more you can cover on this safety procedure’s list, the better.

Keep the office clean

The office is where all your staff will spend the majority of their days in and so it’s good to keep it clean and tidy. Communicate with your cleaners on potential areas where they may be slacking or perhaps don’t have enough time to clean. It might be that you need to increase the working staff in terms of cleaners to cover the increase in footfall around the office. Businesses change over time, and what was set up a few years ago might need changing now. Make sure your staff knows how to clean up after themselves and to keep their own workspaces clean.

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Give staff time off when needed

We’re only human, and that’s something to remember when it comes to your employees too. Not everyone has the same commitment that you as a business owner or manager, might have and some may prefer to have more of a social life. That balance is important, and so when the working day ends, it is up to the employee to choose whether they want to do overtime, whether that’s attending a work event or doing more in the office. Either way, a business should be giving time off or a financial incentive in return for that time your staff are dedicating. To expect it for free is not going to help when it comes to the retention of your staff. If they don’t feel valued, then you’re going to struggle to keep them in the company. So when they need time off, offer it to them when it’s needed. It might be important for their own mental health.

Hold monthly check-in meetings

Having good communication with your staff is essential to keeping the peace and in making sure that everyone is happy. These monthly check-in meetings that are 1-2-1 will be an opportunity to discuss any concerns on either side and to discuss how certain aspects of the work could be made more effective, but that still is doable for the staff member or the company. With these meetings, you can keep a more watchful eye over what’s going on, and more importantly, how you’re staff are feeling. There may be times during the working year where attitudes change, and that’s only natural. However, those meetings will help to discuss those changes and to help reduce the amount of turnover you have as a business when it comes to staff. The more you can hold onto, the better!

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Encourage regular breaks

Everyone needs a break, no one is able to run at one hundred miles per hour for the whole working day. We all have those slumps where we’re not very productive. So in order to keep work productivity up, encourage regular breaks. Long periods of time sitting in front of a computer screen is not healthy, so ensure they’re making it a thing to get up and out of their chair for at least five or ten minutes to walk around, nip out for some fresh air or to simply make a hot beverage for themselves. This just helps in letting their mind refocus and reset from work.

Maintaining good health in the workplace is important, so no matter how busy it might get, always prioritize the needs and wants of your staff. It’s going to keep work productivity high, and more importantly, everyone is happy.

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