Looking for an alternative to YouTube? Here’s nine to consider.


Today’s technology largely revolves around entertainment. Think about it. All we need to get set up is our Spectrum TV and internet bundle. Then we have access to all the possible entertainment we could watch. But there are so many online entertainment channels out there, that it can get overwhelming.

So the easiest channel for us to choose from becomes the one that is most common. If you’re looking for an online channel for a bit of browsing then it’s usually YouTube. Even though there are others, you can choose from, that is the most common.

Watching videos online is such an important part of the internet. We need to watch them for education, entertainment, social relevance, and work. And yes, those adorable cat videos you share in the workplace count as work.

What are the 9 Best Alternatives to YouTube?

The thing about YouTube is that it offers something for everyone. But there are some drawbacks. Advertisements for one. We have gotten so used to watching things without ads. Even the 5 seconds before you can skip an ad on YouTube seem like an eternity. And the ads that you can’t skip, well, most of us just skip the video entirely.

And another reason to not want to use YouTube is privacy. Some of us don’t like to have or viewing history monitored. It is an, albeit small, invasion of our privacy. YouTube can say that it’s the AI and nobody is actually monitoring our usage. But we know better.

So here are some of the best alternative to YouTube that you can use instead:

  • Ted Talks
  • The Open Video Project
  • Twitch
  • Crackle
  • Veoh
  • Metacafe
  • Vimeo
  • The Internet Archive
  • Dailymotion

Ted Talks

Some of us don’t like to simply waste our time watching random videos. We feel that is we are investing our time on a video, it needs to have something more. More than just the entertainment value, that is. If you prefer the same, then Ted Talks is the right choice for you. With more than 2,300 videos and counting, you have a nearly endless supply. The talks cover a range of topics, including science, technology, business, and human interest.

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One thing is for sure, no matter which video you watch, you are certain to take away more.

The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project is more educational than anything else. Especially if you’re comparing it with YouTube. It was developed at the University of North Carolina and is targeted towards researchers. If you like to or need to, watch educational videos, this is the way to go.

The Open Video Project archive has a large collection of educational and historical videos. It even has videos from NASA archives. And other videos, like advertisements dating back to the 1950s. It’s a good resource and an interesting way to spend some time.


Twitch is a bit more mainstream. Amazon owns the site and it’s a great platform for video streaming. But it focusses on gaming. So if you’re a gaming aficionado, this might be the perfect fit for you. You can watch e-sport videos and a lot of talk shows, about games, of course. But the best thing about Twitch is that you can watch live game streams of your favorite games.

Twitch also has something for non-gamers. It broadcasts live videos from concerts and festivals. So you can enjoy your favorite bands playing live. Now, if they can figure out a way to broadcast in VR, we’d never have to buy tickets again!


How many of us follow the series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on YouTube? Well, you might not know this, but that is a Crackle original series. Crackle is part of Sony Pictures Entertainment. So you know it is going to have some really good content.

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Veoh is another alternative to YouTube that is growing in popularity. The reason why it is gaining in popularity is that it has more professionally produced content. So you don’t have to waste time trying to sort through amateur videography, like in YouTube.


Metacafe is a good alternative to use. It has the same kind of video content, in a short format, as we watch on YouTube. There are millions of videos you can watch and select between many categories.


Vimeo was, in fact, the first video streaming website that supported HD videos. It has always focused on providing high-quality content. But it also has a lot of user-generated content as well.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a great selection of content, including music, movies, and even books. Similar to The Open Video Project, The Internet Archive also has historical content.


Dailymotion launched just one month after YouTube, in 2005. It has been competing ever since. Just like YouTube, it has millions of videos created by amateurs and professionals. It’s a great alternative to YouTube.

Today, we get most of our daily entertainment online. Even though cable providers offer us the same great shows, like the Spectrum Select Channel Lineup. The convenience factor with watching our shows online is just too hard to resist.

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