Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Baby boomers

Baby Boomers baby boomer

In the U.S. alone, there are about 78 million Baby Boomers. These are people born between 1946 and 1964.

Every fourth person you see at the dentist, carwash, or leg waxing salon is a Boomer. This means that (1) we still have some of our own teeth, (2) we may drive around aimlessly, and (3) some of us grow hair where we don’t want it.

Boomers lived through both good times (man on the moon) and bad (mooning cars). We survived the gas shortage of 1978, and now manufacture our own intestinally. We survived the Cold War, and now endure frequent colds.

And we have probably witnessed more technological changes than any generation in history. We grew up with our phones connected to the wall, and now we walk around with phones in our pockets.

What shapes a Boomer’s thinking? Can all Baby Boomers still think? Do you really care?

You really should care. Because – unless we run out of retro music – we will be dancing around to our own rhythms for the next several decades.

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Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

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