What causes declines in employment numbers?

Employment is something that nobody can escape from. You’re either employed by a company, or you’re the person who is doing the employing. All we know is that people all around the world are desperate for a job, no matter which side of the line that they’re on.

But with so many people rushing for a job, and so many jobs not actually being available, it’s leaving a big problem in the world. We have noticed how there is such a fluctuation as to whether there are plenty of jobs opening up, or where there is a shortage so much so that people are finding themselves living on the streets.

Not only that, but running a business is getting so much harder at the minute, and the stresses of that can usually be felt by the employees. They take the brunt of everything, and it’s leading to so many failings within employment. But on the other side of the coin, we’re noticing that people are putting far less effort into taking their job seriously, simply because they’re not interested in the job, they’re just there for the money.

People unwilling to go to work

The problem of people not actually wanting to go to work, is becoming even more of a problem. It’s such a common conversation for people to have, about how they hate work and how they’d rather be anywhere else. But that’s only because we’re geared up to think that way.

It’s rare that you’ll find someone who says they love getting out of bed to go to work in the morning, simply because we all think we deserve better. By better, we mean we deserve to be jetting around the world, discovering all these amazing countries and making our money that way. But life is not that simple, and pretty much all of us have to get up nearly every morning of the week, and go to the same job we’ve always worked at.

So it’s hard to think about the failings in employment being from the business side only, because the worth ethic of society is just dropping as years go on. Not only that, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to get the job that we actually want, so instead we’re stuck in a job that doesn’t really interest us.

We could spend years at college studying a course to get this one dream job, but find out there are no roles going, or you need ‘x’ amount of experience, which you wouldn’t have been able to get from college. So you become stuck in this bubble of trying to get to where you want to get, without feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

So it’s no wonder that the rise in people not wanting to work just seems to be climbing, and it’s a battle people are going to continue to go through until they find the courage to work towards their dream job, or at least find one that they enjoy more than the one they’re doing.

The rise of harassment in the workplace

Harassment is not just females, and we want to start this section off by making that clear. It’s always thought that when harassment in the workplace is mentioned, it will be with regards to some high up male entrepreneur who thinks they can use women. Now, we know that this is a massive problem.

Some people are working their way up the corporate ladder by using sexual harassment to their advantage. But at the same time, you’ve got those who are genuinely being harassed at work, and there’s nothing benefiting at all about it. It can be a female or a male boss who singles out people, belittles then, makes sexual advances, or verbally bullies them.

You wouldn’t believe how often this happens in the workplace, and you wouldn’t believe how much of it is just being laughed off. The rest of the office might laugh, but if this is something you’re going through at the minute, you know how much it can wear you down both mentally and physically. If it feels like it’s getting to the point where you’re feeling victimized each day, you should always go to HR. But if there is no true HR pathway to take, you should even think about seeking legal help.

Big companies pay big settlements each year on harassment cases, and everything gets swept under the rug. If all of the stories about harassment came to light, it would really change your opinion on the working world. Don’t ever let it go on because you’re worried about losing your job. You should always think about speaking up and getting out of there as quick as you can because there will be a job out there waiting for you that respects you!

Medical malpractice

A lot of companies provide extensive healthcare to their workers, but it’s not always something that follows through. A really popular career for people to go into is the armed forces. They obviously offer a lot of extensive medical cover by their own professionals. If you have a problem, you got to the Army doctor or nurse, and they try and fix it.

It would seem like such a simple process, but even the armed forces are looking to save money. It’s no secret that healthcare systems all over the world are struggling to cope with the demand that the public is bringing. More and more people are flooding into hospitals, filling beds, and crippling the system.

With the armed forces, it’s no different. Every sector of the armed forces will have a budget, and sometimes sticking to this budget can lead to malpractice. Military medical malpractice seems to be on the rise at the minute, with patients being discharged too early, not being put on the right treatment, or just being misdaignosed, or told there is nothing wrong at all.

Not only can this truly damage someone’s life, but it’s tarnishing the military name. This is happening throughout other companies as well, who promise a certain amount of care, but never actually deliver!

Safety concerns

Safety in the workplace is one of the things that businesses actually seem to focus on a little bit more. If anything were to happen to a worker and it is because the environment they were in was not safe, the company at fault can be held accountable, and have to pay a nice big settlement to the employee in question. So they’re actually looking out for this one more than you think, but it does not mean that there are not failings everywhere you look.

From offices not being fire safe to people not wearing the right equipment around machinery, it’s the smaller things that employers are forgetting to look out for. All it takes is for an employee not to be wearing some safety glasses because they haven’t been told to, and a piece of metal going into their eye, and you have this big lawsuit on the go.

As employees, protecting yourself at work is so important, even if you have to take it into your own hands. You might think it’s all well and good trying to get a settlement, but businesses know how to cover their back, and it could just land you with a heft attorneys bill, loss of a job or a ton of time off work, and an injury that you could have prevented! But at the same time, you should always make your employer aware of safety issues if you feel there is one!

Poor pay and terrible hours

This is another common one that businesses and employees are suffering. Poor pay is a common complaint that so many people have. The world we live in is just becoming so expensive, and some of the wages that companies are paying just doesn’t cut the mustard. But at the same time, these companies are being crippled with business fees, meaning they might only be able to afford the pay that they’re giving.

So you’re stuck in the cycle of working terrible hours to try and bump the terrible pay up, and it never seems to work. All that seems to happen is that you’re working so much that you don’t have much of a life outside of work. So always make sure that you’re finding a career that suits your lifestyle and money. A lot of the time we can be held accountable with the spending that we tend to do.

If you really do feel like the pay you’re on is terrible, and you’re working horrible hours to try and accommodate that, then always find something else! There’s always a better job with better pay, it might just mean that you have to put in some groundwork to go and get it.

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