2020 is several months away, and as such, that means the potential for a fresh start in a new decade. As an entrepreneur or professional trying to make a go of things, this can serve as a brand new timeline for you to once again attack your goals with freshness and vitality, looking to the future with optimism and care. 

We would be remiss if we do not look to the past and the year we had previous to inform our decision-making process this time around. This means that in order to better yourself, you need to set firm goals, inspired by the experiences of the past. We have offered much advice through our network, and so would like to compile that into a list of essential baseline elements you might find the most success with. To that end, let us begin:

Setting a real vision

A vision is an essential part of the modus operandi a firm stewards. Without it, you are simply flying blind. You may have had a vision before now.

Perhaps getting your firm noticed, breaking even, starting to generate routine income and gaining a certain amount of ‘follows’ on social media have been your guiding principles. But those are just markers, they are not high and mighty goals. The measurement that goes into them is wanting.

This means that for the next decade, you need to keep a vision that will keep the wind in your sails, that will inspire your staff and serve as the highest ideal for your business.

Perhaps you wish to gain 2% of the market share by 2022. Perhaps you wish to achieve a viral marketing effort that achieves two million shares on social media. Maybe you wish to finally put in place yourself as the figurehead as your firm, the persona and mascot of everything you do.

These are the lines you should start thinking along. If you can do that, then setting a real vision becomes easier than you might have considered, and you can begin to enact SMART goals that lead the way there. Sometimes, eking out a direction in the mist is the most important priority for any business, big or small.

Safety perfection

It’s also important to reduce safety incidents to nil. This should be your goal for the new year. We would recommend improving your infrastructure and systems to ensure this is the case.

Contact a local attorney to see how accidents might be best protected against from a litigation point of view. Renegotiate your insurance claims such as liability now the amount of team members you have has increased. Reprint safety tutorials, and retain staff in best practice.

Start off the new decade with safety as an absolute priority. This can reinvigorate your team to adhere to best practice, and can also better protect you if something harmful occurs.

Will you manage to achieve zero safety incidents in the next decade? The chances of that are unlikely to a degree. But you must aim for it, with all your energy.

Sustainability pledges

More firms are environmentally conscious, to an even higher degree than they might have been ten years ago. Sustainability is not just a PR move, but a real effort towards being a competitive force for the thinking consumer. This means that pledging your sustainability goals can be essential for the best results in the future.

We would truly recommend considering how and why your sustainability is needed, and how you can best affect it.

For example, replanting efforts for a paper firm might be the best pursuit possible, as well as forestry conservation initiatives and donating to certain causes. You may decide to have one tree planted for every half a tree used during your manufacturing process, or something more granular in its measurement. If you can do that, the pledges you lay down can also be a great means for the content drive of your 2020 promises, pushing your business goals into the public consciousness.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is also an incredibly noble goal. Restructuring your support department to ensure over 90% of support calls end successfully with no need for further case correspondence can allow your customer service team the insight that they are performing well, and it can help you try new things until you get there. Again, planning out SMART goals is key.

With these tips, you are certain to cement important entrepreneurial goals for the next decade.

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