How travel has evolved to provide a more authentic experience


Modern American families no longer travel just to change their place of stay. Each trip has a specific purpose. Until a worthy goal for travel is born, many simply postpone them. When almost everything is available and always “at hand”, the sophisticated consumer no longer wants “just like that.” This can be compared to a refrigerator. When it is almost empty, all that is there is suitable food. When the refrigerator is stably full, we have a confusion in our eyes and a desire for something else.

When choosing family travel packages, tourists pay more attention to the possibilities of self-realization if can they learn something new. Traveling can bring invaluable skills. Representatives of Generation Z (these are people born after 2004) value the practical skills gained on a journey even more than a diploma in higher education.

How family travel packages were started

Americans, as well as the Europeans and Japanese, travel with meaning and with goals for quite some time. It can be said that the culture of authentic travel had already developed as earlier as 70 years ago. In the 1950s, these were trips to historical places and traces of World War II, to which people went with whole families including children and grandchildren.

Then began the cult of gastronomic travel. Michelin Guide, of course, helped sparked this. During the 1960s and 1970s, travel was sparked through massive hippie pilgrimages to festivals. The rise of sports travel arose in the 1980s and 1990s in order to surf the shores of Australia as well as participate in an ultra-marathon and ski the slopes of the Alps and in Aspen among other attractions. The new millennium sparked trends to fly to the Maldives for three days and not step one foot into the Indian Ocean or jetsetting to Paris just to buy everything out of a Louis Vuitton store.

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What travel goals have already been mastered by the discoverers and are now being mastered by their followers?


Some people travel in hopes of training with renowned masters, as part of internships or study visits to companies, to attend international conferences and forums and take language courses among many reasons.

Today’s journeys which are done with some sort of pursuit for knowledge confidently occupies most people’s reasons for travel. Connoisseurs of perfumes go to Spain, France and Morocco, while those who are the gastronomic travel variety would jetset to Florence, Italy among many culinary destinations and business class travelers traditionally flock to Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York City.


Some people like being the charismatic member of the group, who wants to see something, drafts up a route and groups up with those interested in seeing the sites. Their available options are always wide, from the glaciers and geysers of Iceland to traveling the dizzying routes of Norway, from immersing in South American culture in Chile and Peru to the best family vacation spots in Florida or the Caribbean.


The reasons for sporting or athletic travel vary, from marathons to sailing regattas, from championship competitions to mountain climbing. There is usually something in store for the athletic traveler, even if they choose not to be considered as tourists, but they are a heavily organized faction of the tourism industry, especially if you’re one wanting to go to Old Trafford for a Manchester United match, to the All England Club in London for the a major tournament at Wimbledon or Formula 1 races across the world.

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There are many family destinations for special events, including fairs, film festivals, concerts or other events. They could be as low-key as a parade and as exclusive as the Venice Film Festival, the annual Academy Awards, traditional grand concerts of classical music in the Colosseum, electronic music festivals in Europe and the “Millionaire Camp” of Burning Man in the United States.

Family travel packages with children

We call places to go for family vacation “education on the go”. History, culture, people, nature, science and technology are at your disposal in these family travel packages. Parents are investing more and more in their children and want to show the world to them. In the footsteps of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark, the Museum of Physics “Copernicus” in Poland, astronauts NASA base on the east coast of the United States, Lego Park, Disneyland, the famous reserves of Hollywood films – choose any best place for family vacation and your child will not be disappointed with your trip together.

Beauty travel

From the light version of the massage and face masks to a full reboot for several weeks, the choice is huge: from spa resorts, world leaders in the Maldives, South Africa or Thailand to classic clinics in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany.

Of course, the goals of family travel packages can be much more. The taste for the right travel is formed over the years. But you can start right from the next holiday, choosing even some cheap family trips for a start. Just answer the question: how will this journey change your family life for the better?

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Catherine Wiley is a professional hiker and traveler who previously had an overnight hiking stay in Grand Canyon National Park. Catherine is also working as a content editor for a mobile casino.

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