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With exhausting schedules and high levels of stress, many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety and depression. Studies show that making time for regular physical activity can bring relief to persons with mild depression and can reduce the need for medical interventions. Give yourself a mental boost by trying one of these exercises.


Golf is a great way to get outside and into shape without the strain that a traditional gym or high-impact sport would have. Learning this game uses both physical and mental skills and can encourage time spent with friends. With golf management companies working to make courses more enjoyable for its patrons, golf is a great low-impact sport to encourage long-term physical and mental health.


If you’re looking for a good stretch, a deep breath, and a clear mind; consider trying yoga. This is an excellent activity for people of all physical fitness levels and can teach self-calming techniques to be used in everyday situations. Yoga studios can be found almost anywhere and often have small classes for beginner or advanced students. If a group session isn’t for you, yoga can easily be done in the comfort of your own home or yard.


Jumping into an exercise routine at a gym or studio can seem daunting for some. With the increase in home delivery services, from groceries to entertainment, a person can find themselves unintentionally but increasingly isolated. This self-imposed isolation is definitely not good for your mental state. Try taking a daily walk in a local park or just around your neighborhood. Start slow and work your way to increase your pace – and your heart rate—and you may find your spirits beginning to lift. It’s okay to take it slow. A small amount of activity every day is better than none.

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If you’re ready for a real work out, aerobics may be right for you. Intense and exhausting, a heart-slamming exercise class will clear your mind of your daily anxieties. Studies have also shown that people who regularly condition themselves and experience those heightened physical sensations are less likely to panic when they feel anxiety because the body’s reaction to both events is so similar.

Finding an activity that works with your health and lifestyle isn’t always fast. If one activity doesn’t work for you, try something else. Check with a local gym about beginner classes or just going for a walk to clear your mind can be a great first step on the road to better mental and physical health.

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