Maryland fans call foul over LSU’s winning shot in March Madness matchup

LSU Maryland March Madness
LSU Tigers guard Tremont Waters lays in the winning shot with 1.6 seconds left to send the Tigers to the Sweet 16 with a 69-67 victory over Maryland, but some say that he might have traveled on the winning shot. (LSU Tigers photo via Twitter)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UPI) — The LSU Tigers advanced to the Sweet 16 on Saturday with a 69-67 win clinched in the final seconds with a layup by Tremont Waters.

Some Maryland fans believed the shot shouldn’t have counted, saying Waters took one too many steps and should have been called for a travel.

The winning basket came with 1.6 seconds to play, as Waters got to the basket and put in the shot that won the game for the Tigers to push them into next weekend’s round.

Maryland fought from 15 down to take a late lead, but the third-ranked Tigers got the win with Waters’ shot in the final seconds.

Tigers guard Skylar Mays led all scores in the game with 16, while forward Naz Ried added 13 in the victory. Waters scored 12, no two bigger than the layup to get the win.

The Terps were led by forward Jalen Smith with 15, and guard Anthony Cowan and Aaron Wiggins each added 11.

LSU’s trip to the Sweet 16 is their first since 2006 when they got to the Final Four.

Reporting by Matt Loede

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