Gift ideas for that fitness fanatic in your life

Need to buy a gift for someone that loves their health and fitness? Here are a few ideas that could be worth considering.

Smart fitness watch

Smart fitness watches such as the FitBit have become very popular. They can record various stats from the amount of steps you’ve taken to your heart rate, which can be viewed in the form of charts using an app on your phone. As these watches can be quite expensive, try to shop around and keep your eye out for sales and coupons.

Wireless headphones

If you know someone that loves to listen to music as they train, you could consider buying them a pair of wireless headphones if they don’t already have some. The cord on standard headphones can often get in the way when exercising, which is why wireless headphones are perfect. As with smart fitness watches, these gadgets can be an expensive gift, so shop around online for discounts using coupon sites.

Customized track uniform

For avid runners, you could consider getting some professional running gear. There are lots of retailers that sell running clothing, but for a truly personalized gift you could consider customized track uniforms. Whilst this clothing can be pricey, it’s certain to be a meaningful and appreciative gift.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a dynamic exercise tool that can be carried around and used on the go. They’re a cheap but unique gift. This could be a great stocking filler or a small gift for a fitness fan. You could even consider buying a book on resistance band exercises to go with it.

Leg weights

Leg weights are another small and low cost gift that are likely to be appreciated. These are weights that attach to the legs – by running with them on or doing a gym sessions whilst wearing them, you can help to give your legs an increased workout. It’s also possible to buy arm weights, which have a similar impact but on the arms.

Protein shake blender bottle

If you know someone that’s trying to bulk up and who regularly takes protein shakes, you could consider buying them a blender bottle such as this one from Dolphin Fitness. These sporty bottles allow you to more easily mix shakes on the go. There are even bottles out there with compartments for carrying whey powder.

Smartphone bicycle holster

For cycling enthusiasts, you could consider buying a special smartphone holster to attach to their handle bars. This could allow them to more easily use their smartphone whilst cycling, which could be useful for GPS or simply answering the phone whilst cycling. The convenience that these gadgets offer is certain to be appreciated.

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