Advertising your business in your local market

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Local business can be a great boost to your company. You’ve got an economy around you that you can fit yourself into nicely and then become an integral part of. When you’ve got a local area to work with, with plenty of shoppers milling in and out of your store on a daily basis, you’ve got yourself a strong foundation for expansion.

So it seems only right you focus a lot of your efforts on advertising within this area, with the following options to consider:

Get yourself published locally

Your local area more than likely has a few local papers to go around, and you need to get your business’ name and news inside of these. Both the older and younger generation alike can pick up free or cheap copies of these from all the stores in your radius, which gives you some great advertising space to show off your business morals and values.

Maybe you’re releasing a new product soon, maybe you’re taken on some local and talented hires, maybe you’re changing your name and want everyone to know about – make sure you write out a press release to go inside a local newspaper. They’re easy to churn out and can be even easier to place.

Some communities have a local news website or some form of online news service. They may be able to work out an advertising plan to get your message out there.

Use company vehicles to spread the message

You’ve own a car. Your manager has a car. Perhaps your local personal assistant owns a car. Well, now’s the time to ask around and see if any of them are willing to advertise your business via the use of their vehicle. If you’re someone who’s lucky enough to already have a company fleet on hand, seeing as the work you do often means you have to drive in and out of the city you work in, then it’s time to give them a bit of a makeover.

Your cars are going to be seen wherever they go, and that makes them prime advertising space. So be sure to look up service providers which offer custom window wraps to get your business’ name, logo, colors, and message printed out, and then stick them on the sides of the cars or vans you own. It’s a great way to make an impression at least, as you’ll look very different to the rest of the vehicles on the road.

Get yourself on some local directories

There’s a lot of directories out there, and even national and international versions always have a local sub-sector your business can fit into. Sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the big names to fill out forms for and submit your details to, but don’t forget older publications like the Yellow Pages. Everyone has a copy of one of these in their homes!

Your business can advertise itself within your local area easier than it can via the online world. Be sure to take advantage of this fact.

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