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If you’ve shopped for a new car before, you’ll understand there is a weird dynamic. Although you want to make a purchase, you have to be sure there aren’t any skeletons in the closet. Car dealers are notorious for being untrustworthy, so the majority of people are skeptical from the very beginning.

As you would expect, dealerships can’t afford for there to be a breakdown in trust. Therefore, they’ve come up with a variety of legitimate ways to ensure the customer feels confident with their purchase.

Here are the four most effective ones to look out from when you’re in the market for a new motor.

Reviews and recommendations

Because they are biased want your money, they need to prove they aren’t lying. To do this, car dealers are utilizing customer reviews and recommendations. Previous customer responses are an excellent way to show that there isn’t going to be a problem in the future. Not only are positive reviews important, but so are negative ones. First of all, it’s less fishy if every appraisal is rated as five stars. Also, it gives them the opportunity to react quickly and tell their side of the story without making excuses. Considering 84% of people trust online reviews, this is an effective method.

Customer experience

Sellers are starting to understand that sellers don’t want to deal with salespeople trying to bag commission. Instead, they want important information delivered to them by experts. That’s why reps are beginning to be replaced by product specialists. Not only that, but the buyer can test drive the car before they make a decision. New Zealand’s Drive Happy Project lets customers take it for a day and return it the next morning. With extended warranties and guarantees, it’s difficult not to trust them.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

CPO stands for “Certified Pre-Owned,” and it’s getting very popular throughout the industry. If buying a new car is tough, trying to find a used vehicle is ten times as tricky. Whether you’re browsing through an inventory of used Volvos or Mercedes, there’s no need to be suspicious when you spot the CPO symbol. It means the car has passed a rigorous test to get onto the lot and comes with a factory warranty. Therefore, the likelihood is it isn’t going to break down in a heap of smoke within a week. The guarantee covers everything from the engine to the transmission and braking so it’s pretty comprehensive.


There are plenty of ways to shop for a vehicle in the 21st-century and dealers are embracing them. Nowadays, the prices are clearly posted online for everyone to see along with reviews. Plus, dealerships are making it easier for shoppers to research products with free wifi on the lot. It might seem like a small thing, yet consumers don’t trust everything they hear and want to validate the information. Thanks to a Wi-Fi connection, they can do it openly in the office in front of the sales rep.

Make sure you search for these features before buying your next car.

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