The 1956 Aston Martin DBR1, described by Aston Martin enthusiasts as the best model the storied car manufacturer has ever produced, was sold for $22.5 million at Monterey Car Week on August 18. (Photo by Sotheby's)

Many people view classic cars as old and beaten down that can’t compare to the sleek design and features of a modern car. It’s no question that modern cars outperform classic cars both in design and efficiency. Modern cars are just more reliable, comfortable to drive, safer, and a better option for the environment. So with all these said, why do people still prefer the classics when it comes to their cars?

  1. Craftsmanship

There are many factors but the main one is the craftsmanship that goes into building one of these muscle beasts. Back then, these cars were not designed with the aid of computers that could predict how a car will behave even before a single rivet is laid. The designers and engineers back then relied on the knowledge from previous models, not all of which are necessarily useful. Their design is based on what looks good and the current trend of the era.

  1. More robust and far better than modern cars

Classic cars also have a lot more character than modern cars. They did not roll out of a conveyor belt that’s been put together by robots and machines. Back in the day, car production was strictly manual often requiring days to complete a single car. Each car component was installed, riveted, screwed, or welded by hand. Because of this, these cars are more robust and far better at handling the wear and tear of daily use.

  1. Safety and efficiency

The handling of classic cars is different than modern cars too. With modern cars, you get a machine basically run by computers. These cars have numerous systems that take away the experience of driving in lieu of safety and efficiency. But the classics are made up of thousands of components all designed to work seamlessly together. There’s no drive-by-wire system or traction control. With these older machines, you get the feeling of being fully in control of the car.

  1. A cultural icon

Many classic car owners’ simple reason of owning a classic car is because of memories. A lot of these cars have made a mark in the automobile history as cultural icons. Some car owners grew up seeing these cars drive down their streets or their parents own one when they were younger and they simply want to have a memorabilia of that awesome time in their lives.

  1. Simplicity

People also prefer them for their simplicity. These cars are not jam-packed with intricate bells and whistles that most modern cars have. Driving in a classic car is as simple as turning the ignition and speeding away. The dashboard is not filled with dozens of buttons, it just has the bare necessities.

  1. Easy maintenance and repair

Classic cars are also far easier to maintain and repair. Most modern cars would require very high tech equipment only a highly specialized car shop has when it needs servicing, and these are often quite expensive. Popping open the hood of a classic car and replacing a part or two is usually enough to get it up and running. Their parts are numerous and quite cheap to purchase too.

  1. No driver aids needed

Most modern cars have a lot of driving aids in their system to help steer the vehicle. But these systems take away from fully enjoying the experience of driving. A classic car doesn’t tell the driver what to do or how to drive the car, the driver is in full control and has the full potential of the car right in this hands.

  1. Uniqueness

Modern cars don’t have the individualism that the older generation of cars has. People own cars today that are basically identical to that of their neighbor, even if it comes from a different manufacturer, they all look the same. The color choices are also quite limited making our streets uniform and bland. Not with classic cars. Each one has their own personality. Back then, no two cars look alike. People spend money on making their cars back then stand out.

  1. Classic look and design

Classic cars also get attention and the right kind of attention. People just gravitate to the classic look and design of these older cars. People love looking at them, they love hearing the roar of the engine and they appreciate the classic interior of these cars.

  1. Exclusivity

Finally, it’s about exclusivity. Let’s face it, not many are willing to spend money purchasing an old beat up car, restoring it, and keep it running when you can choose a modern car that can basically drive and park itself at almost the same cost. But that’s what’s appealing about these classic cars, they’re rare. Owning one feels like being part of an exclusive group, one that many people would desperately want to join but can’t.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks, a passionate blogger and frequent traveler, enjoys sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about classic car parts and accessories. She currently works for Tuckersparts, which offers the best classic automobile parts.

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