Tiger vs Phil: The most anticipated match in the history of golf

Not too often do people think about late November as a great time for golf, but this year, on November 23rd, one of the most anticipated matches in the history of the sport will be held.

According to ESPN, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, two of the greatest golfers of all time, will face off against each other in a $9 million match-play event.

Turner Sports will produce the pay-per-view telecast of the event, which will be held at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring golf to the masses in prime time during a period where we don’t have much going on in the world of golf,” Mickelson said. “It’s a way to show a side you don’t normally see by having us miked up to hear some of the interaction between us.”

According to USA Today, in a promotional video for the pay-per-view match, Phil Mickelson joked that this match will be the easiest $9 million he’s ever made. Although one golfer has a chance to make $9 million, there is plenty more money to be made, as well.

Phil certainly has plenty of fans inside and outside the sport, but Tiger has been king of golf and golf merchandising for years. Though he spent a lot of time away from the international spotlight due to his struggles on the course, he’s back and performing better than ever, which will likely increase his brand even more. According to a Brigham Young University study, merchandise with a sign outsells merchandise without a sign by 20%. Having that iconic Nike swoosh and a picture of Tiger on a sign next to all kinds of products will likely sell extremely fast.

Phil Mickelson has been struggling as of late, however, and Tiger, despite his recent blunder at the Tiger Cup, is coming off his first PGA Tour win in five years.

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