Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Fine (and fancy) meals

fancy lobster feast

Not long ago, a man I work with asked me how to make a big impression on a first date. For most well-mannered guys, I suggest a fancy restaurant.

These generally require a reservation, and few offer a drive-through window. Therefore, the girl will dress nicely. Males should put on a real tie, not that tee shirt with one painted on it.

I also suggest that guys follow these basic tips:

When you pick up your date, remember your manners. Open the car door for her. Compliment her dress. If she accidentally burps, do not say “Good one!”

A date may be impressed if you drive to the front door of the eatery, and ask a valet to park your car. The valet will likely give you a claim check. This is something you must give back to him later, along with a healthy tip.

At dinner, the server will hand you a menu that might be printed in elegant type, which makes every word look fancy. I once ordered two servings of “gratuity.”

Ask the server to recommend his favorite entrée. When he describes it, don’t ask “Is it canned?”

Sometimes, there may be foods on your plate you don’t recognize. Ask the waitperson to tell you what it is, but never laugh and say “Why is this junk green?”

Finally, after an elegant dessert, you will be presented the check. If it’s more than your apartment rent, ask if you can make monthly payments.

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Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

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