Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Class mates


The old guy ahead of me in the grocery check-out looked about two coughing spells away from the Promised Land.

I didn’t notice him until he tried to pay with a credit card, and the clerk told him it expired in 1997. Then, he noticed me.

“Hey, buddy,” he smiled, “how ya doin’? Remember me from high school?”

“Sure,” I lied, “but I don’t remember what class you taught.”

“Nah,” he replied, “I’m Ray, and I sat behind you in algebra.”

Well, this chance encounter led to a nice conversation. We swapped phone numbers. I promised I’d call him for lunch soon.

As I walked out the door, I wondered if I’d ever look as old as my fossilized friend Ray. I headed for my car.

Walking toward me was Linda, a girl I dated several years before. “Hey, Linda,” I called. “Remember me from college?”

“I don’t think so,” she said. “What did you teach?”

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Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

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