Has the race for the Libertarian presidential nomination already begun?

Pictured from left to right: Adam Kokesh, Gov. William Weld and Arvin Vohra.Courtesy image, Libertarian Party

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Heartland Newsfeed) — With the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans being one week removed, it appears the race for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination has already begun.

Pictured from left to right: Adam Kokesh, Gov. William Weld and Arvin Vohra.
Courtesy image, Libertarian Party

Two of these potential candidates — former Massachusetts governor William Weld and veterans’ advocate/former radio personality Adam Kokesh — had made several appearances at state level conventions in the past several months and were present at the biennial national convention, which ran until July 3.

Kokesh announced that he would run to seek the nomination on the closing day of the convention.

While Weld, the 2016 vice presidential nominee alongside former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, has not stated a public interest in running for the nomination, his appearance at past state conventions may signal a likely candidacy.

Recently ousted LNC vice chair Arvin Vohra, known for controversial remarks on social media attacking the military, defending pedophila and advocating for violence against school boards, announced that he was also adding his name into the mix, following his failed bids for re-election as well as at-large representative.

Who is Adam Kokesh?
Kokesh first came to national prominence as leadership in the Iraqi Veterans Against the War organization upon his return from service in Fallujah, Iraq. He had volunteered to serve in a Marine Corps Civil Affairs team in the region.

According to Kokesh’s website, he has noted that he has been arrested more than 36 times for various offenses, most of which wrongful arrests as an attempt to suppress his First Amendment rights.

Kokesh is the author of the 2015 book Freedom!

Kokesh also recently led a march to end the ongoing epidemic of suicides among the military veteran community, which ran from the New Orleans VA hospital to the convention center holding the LNC convention.

Who is William Weld?
While known better as the 2016 vice presidential nominee to Gary Johnson, William Weld is a former Republican governor of Massachusetts who had a libertarian-leaning track record which covered social tolerance and fiscal prudence.

Weld joined the Libertarian Party upon Johnson asking him to be his vice presidential nominee for the 2016 convention.

At the luncheon at the convention, Weld explained his views that many governmental functions need to be privatized and utilized social service deliveries as an example. He also called for wide-reaching criminal justice reform, citing the racial disparity in drug law enforcement and that addiction should be considered a mental and physical health issue rather than a criminal issue.

Who is Arvin Vohra?
The disgraced former vice chair of the national Libertarian Party and multiple-time candidate for political office has long been adamant that the party should never compromise from its founding — and likely controversial — stances.

Vohra drew considerable criticism for making repeated calls to abolish public schools, but has also made disparaging remarks that have angered the majority of the party.

While the nominating convention won’t be held until around Memorial Day 2020 in Austin, Tex., these three potential candidates — and many more between now and then — will make their way around all 50 states and the District of Columbia to earn their support for the presidential nomination.

Jake Leonard is the editor-in-chief of Heartland Newsfeed and GM/program director of the Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network and Podcast Network. Leonard is also general manager of Heartland Internet Media Networks, an active contributor to four newspapers for Pana News Group and a contributing writer to My Sports Vote.

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