Spice Up Your 4th Of July With These Simple Tricks

Let’s be honest, Independence Day is one of the best holidays Americans celebrate; not only is it a celebration of the founding of the United States, it’s a great way catch up with friends and family during the lazy days of summer.

If you’re stressed out about your backyard barbecue for the 4th of July, you’re not alone. Everyone’s trying their hardest to make their barbecue celebration the talk of the town. Here are some simple but unique tips for throwing a memorable Independence Day bash.

Pick a fun theme

Each and every Independence Day, the easiest cop out for party decor centers around stars, stripes, and three very prominent colors. While it’s recommended you choose three colors to centralize your party’s theme, you can’t help but think that these decorations might be getting a little old. While this theme is always a welcome idea for your 4th of July party, it’s worth putting a spin on an old favorite.

After all, it’s summer! There are plenty of summer-inspired themes: beach themes, flower themes, festival themes. Instead of choosing the old “red, white, and blue,” try to mix it up. Your guests might appreciate a little creativity thrown into the mix.

Then decorate!

While a few tablecloths might spruce up your backyard table, it’s important to try to incorporate unique decorations that you can use for future parties. Try using multi-colored garlands with complementary colors to create a unique flair to your otherwise red, white, and blue affair (gold is recommended). Include fun decorations in every aspect of your party, including table setting and drinks stirrers that have a fun anchor design!

Make it an event, not just a party

If you simply cannot bear to part with the idea of the ol’ stars and stripes, try to formulate a unique itinerary for the day. For the guests that prefer to stay active, including a tournament of yard games that everyone can play: giant Jenga, volleyball. Schedule times for games and assign roles for people that aren’t playing.

A great way to make everyone feel included is by hosting a costume contest. Hold a poll at the end of the night to identify the best costume of the night. If you’re sticking with a patriotic theme, have your guests dress up as their favorite presidents or hold a rapping battle of the Hamilton soundtrack.

Bring on the beverages

Any guest will appreciate red, white, and blue decorations, but your guests will love your attention to detail when you serve these multi-colored drinks. From lemonades to cocktails, any clear-to-mostly-clear beverage can be spruced up with a little food coloring. Try experimenting with different colors in advance to get the perfect concoction of colors. If you want to get creative with your cocktails, try garnishing with blueberries and strawberries for an additional flourish.

After your barbecue is over, it’ll be tough taking down the decorations, but it’ll be more than worth it in the end. If you have any residue on your grill from the thousands of hamburgers and hotdogs you cooked up, try turning on your burners as high as they can for a good 15 minutes or so. This will cook off a lot of the residue and whatever is left over will be easier to scrape off.

Party planning is hard, but following these tips will make it a little easier. Have a happy Independence Day!

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