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Published On: Sat, Jun 23rd, 2018

Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Moving to a new location

So, you want to move to a new location? Why do you want to move?

Would you like a bigger apartment? Would you like a bigger yard? Would you like a bigger dog?

Do you want new neighbors? Do want want a swimming pool? Would you like new neighbors with a swimming pool?

First, throw away stuff you don’t need, like old gum wrappers, telephone books before 2013, and dead bugs. Keep important things like the TV, the DVD player, and that autographed photo from the mud-wresting championships.

Next, sort your papers. For instance, school papers go in one pile. Bills and unreturned phone messages go in a different stack. So does toilet paper…unless that’s where you write phone messages.

Pack boxes by category. A box marked “bed” might contain sheets, bedspread, and pillows. Advice: Never try to put the entire bed in a box, because it would be too hard to lift.

Finally, you want to move into a clean environment. So, before you move in, check the carpet for signs of dirt. It’s a bad sign if you have to check the dirt for signs of carpet.

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About the Author

- Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Moving to a new location