Libertarians set to take over New Orleans as biennial national convention nears

ALEXANDRIA, Va./NEW ORLEANS (Heartland Newsfeed) — The Libertarian Party will be holding their biennial national convention beginning next Saturday, June 30 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans with approximately 900 delegates from across the country expected to attend to conduct party business and elect their regional and national leadership for the next two years.

The party’s convention has proven to be the largest midterm political event in its 46-year history, with event organizers expecting an overall attendance of nearly 1,200.

“The Libertarian Party is on track to give Americans more candidates in 2018 elections than we have in at least 15 years,” said party chairman Nicholas Sarwark. “Since the elections of 2016, when the LP broke records, we have been building on voters’ clear disillusionment with the dominant parties. Our 2018 candidates, plus the elected officials who are switching parties to join us, share a drive to shrink big government and maximize individual freedom.

“I’m proud to report that as a result, more delegates are traveling to New Orleans this year to help shape our party’s message and leadership than ever before.”

The 2018 convention’s theme, “I’m THAT Libertarian,” is a tribute to the late Marc Allan Feldman, who delighted 2016 convention delegates by delivering his presidential-debate closing remarks in rap form, promoting the broad reach of Libertarians across cultural, social, and political boundaries.

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The convention will offer seminars, activist workshops, forums, candidate debates, discussion groups, and an exhibit hall. LP-appointed delegates will consider proposed amendments to the party’s platform and bylaws, and elect its national leadership for the new term.

A reception will kick off the convention at 6:30 p.m. on June 30, with business to begin on Sunday, July 1.

Debates for chairman and vice chair offices on the Libertarian National Committee will take place Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. with officer elections taking place on Monday.

A tentative speaker lineup includes:

  • William Weld, former Massachusetts governor and 2016 vice-presidential nominee
  • Amaryllis Fox, host of the History Channel’s American Ripper and a writer, activist and former CIA clandestine service operative
  • Jeff Hewitt, Libertarian mayor of Calimesa, Calif. and candidate for Riverside County Supervisor
  • Walter Block, economics professor at Loyola University New Orleans
  • Naomi Brockwell, film and television producer whose resume includes former Fox Business program Stossel
  • Sen. Laura Ebke, Nebraska state senator who’s seeking re-election
  • Tim Moen, national chair of the Libertarian Party of Canada

The event will run through Tuesday, July 3.

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Jake Leonard is the editor-in-chief of Heartland Newsfeed. He is general manager of Heartland Internet Media Networks and an active contributor to four newspapers for Pana News Group. He also serves as chairman of Tri-Counties Libertarian Party and Capital Area Libertarian Party, deputy candidate recruitment director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois and as chairman/co-founder of the Libertarian Party Millennial Caucus.

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