Aldi Offers New Way to Drink for Your UK Wedding

Bride and groom making a toast with champagne glasses after wedding ceremony
June is off to a great start, at least for U.K. wine enthusiasts: affordable grocer, Aldi, launched an online wedding service that offers popular, bargain wines for your big day.

Aldi’s trek into the online shopping world is nothing new; they have been catering to online orders in the U.K. for some time now, but the advent of this affordable wedding service might shake up receptions across the isle.

These wine packages offer an affordable alternative for newlyweds looking to penny-pinch where they can: the cost averages to $8.35 a bottle in some packages.

Aldi harbors over 100 wine options to choose from, ranging from sparkling whites to dry reds. The site offers wine bundles with pre-selected options: the “Party Package” features seven different kinds of wines that cover a range of flavors, or you can opt for the “Customer Favorites” bundle. However, there is an option to build your own package for a personalized touch.

While this online option is only available to U.K. customers, Aldi lovers across the globe can still access Aldi’s new wedding wine guide. There, they offer selected pairings and suggest the appropriate amount of wine per guest: nine bottles for every 50 guests, averaging out to the cost of only $3 a glass. When you’re busy planning all the other aspects of your wedding, an online service like this is a great way to break the mold and create less stress during your reception toasts.

Aldi’s managing director of buying, Julie Ashfield, hopes to make your wedding process a little less stressful through these new options.

“Now that wedding season has officially begun, we’re making it easier than ever for shoppers to choose the right wine when it comes to toasting their special day,” she said, according to VinePair.

While one-third of weddings are performed in places of worship, no one said your reception has to be traditional — Aldi even offers free delivery directly to your event whenever you want.

It’s yet to be seen if this new service will be offered at Aldi stores in the United States, but for now, we’ll have to be content with visiting the store and making our selections by hand.

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