SMITH: Support Libertarian candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire

Piece by piece the government is coming for you.

First they came for your money. But that was just the start. Now they are coming for your words, and most importantly, they are coming for your thoughts. And it is comply or else.

Day by day we see the government taking more steps trying to “help” us or “protect” us. Many of these actions are based on laws passed to help one group at the expense of another. But as we see with most government programs, the law of unintended consequences kicks in and we are left with far different results. And results we have a hard time changing. We see this with President Donald Trump using the IRS, Homeland Security, NSA, FBI and so on to stick it to the left with programs put in place by Barack Obama when he targeted the right.

Rather than waiting for your turn to stick it to the other side, why not take the power to run your life away from the government. By gradually rolling back the size of government you can begin to live life without fear of the next program designed to make things better for you or more likely, for someone else.

Let’s put the pieces back together again. Libertarian candidates will be on the ballot in 2018. You can work with us on an issue-by-issue basis to seek free market, mutual cooperation based-solutions to the issues facing us in New Hampshire.

Edward Smith

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