MOODY: Come on, Illinois Democrats — do something

I am a liberal progressive living in the state of Illinois whose legislative body is controlled by the Democratic Party.

As a liberal progressive, I have an affinity for the Democrats who generally promote the values I believe in, however our state is in miserable financial shape and has been for a long time.

Our bonds are rated just a tad above junk, which means that we have to pay an interest premium to borrow money. Vendors who do business with the state of Illinois must wait sometimes six months or more to get paid. Our state is in debt to the tune of several billion.

As a liberal progressive, must I support this kind of fiscal irresponsibility? Why can’t Illinois Democrats fix this miserable financial situation? We control the legislature and have for some time. I do not believe that holding liberal progressive values means that one must put up with extreme fiscal irresponsibility.

Come on, Democrats. Do something! Do it now!

Charles James Moody

Editorial Response: We’re well beyond “tad above junk.” Our bonds are rated AT junk rating for a while now. The current miserable financial quandry the state is in is the fault of the political duopoly; Democrats and Republicans are each to blame for this crisis.

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