SANFORD: Colleague supports Robbins for sheriff

In light of the upcoming election, I would like to submit this letter concerning a friend of mine, Rick Robbins, who is campaigning to be the next sheriff of Montgomery County.

I have known Rick and have had the pleasure of working in law enforcement with him for approximately 25 years.  We both started our law enforcement careers at the Morrisonville Police Department.  In 1994, Rick was hired as a deputy sheriff at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.  I was hired as a deputy sheriff during the following year.

Since then, Rick was assigned with the drug task force and later appointed to his current position of undersheriff.  In that capacity, Rick has assisted Sheriff Jim Vazzi with the daily operations of the sheriff’s office for 16 years.  Rick and I have spent countless hours working together, and he is always striving to provide professional law enforcement services.  Rick’s job knowledge, confidence and professional demeanor make him an asset to law enforcement in Montgomery County.

I can assure you that Rick is very dedicated to law enforcement, and he cares about the safety of the Montgomery County citizens.  Rick has an outstanding work ethic. Rick has proven himself to be an effective leader, and I am confident that he can successfully carry out the duties of sheriff.

The primary election is March 20, and I would like to encourage the citizens of Montgomery County to vote.  I sincerely recommend Rick Robbins for sheriff.

Bruce Sanford

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