HILL: Woods handles issues with level head and determination

I am writing this letter to say that I am a proud supporter of Scott Woods for sheriff.

I have the pleasure of knowing Scott as both a friend and co-worker.  Scott has wonderful values in life.  His faith and family are above the most important.  I have worked alongside Scott in many situations and found him to be able to handle any situation that is given him with a level head and determination to get the situation resolved.

Scott goes above and beyond to help the citizens of this county, whether he is on duty as a law enforcement officer or just talking to a person in need.  He stands for the communities of Montgomery County with compassion and character that is greatly needed in this area.

Scott works well alongside the local fire departments, ambulance services and police departments.  I feel that Scott Woods’ character is without a doubt honorable and true.

I hope that if you do not know Scott that you seek him out and ask him about his values and plans for the sheriff’s department.  I think that you will be very impressed.

Joletta Hill

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