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Cash and Cryptocurrency Donations

Posted By Jake Leonard On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 With 0 Comments

Q: Does Heartland Newsfeed accept cash donations?
While we understand if you’re unable to commit to a monthly contribution via our Patreon campaign, we do accept cash donations via the following methods:
Square Cash: $heartlandnewsfeed

Q: Does Heartland Newsfeed accept cryptocurrency donations?
We have been asked this since we first launched. We appreciate that you’ve asked how you can help keep us going through cryptocurrency donations.

While our initial response was complicated and confusing, we have decided to accept several different cryptocurrencies, which will be listed below with donation addresses:
Bitcoin: 1GQPd9pPJcGLMUUC39mw4FiBU2DYymWL9y
Ethereum: 0x54c58b044fBEC2E4D6f3bB0FFa46f6CDEf4fDb00
Litecoin: LV2hX39iwE5uM8KhHfMkzj4RJ524J3eM55
Dogecoin: DDHBj9nkq3zvMbubCck9LZFjy7q1BSP2m8
Bitcoin Cash: 1D3KEDZpNUbkSvHazjkxYxcHgsd9aFGQmX
Ripple: rB1za2ZVgDnNB7u8LbVN61k5nCByBUtXCA — Destination Tag: 503270
Dash: XcCq6Tbz7rGD94NeCynPGcq9vSdUjbi3Uv

Some other cryptocurrencies may be accepted and you can reach out to us by messaging editor-in-chief Jake Leonard or by utilizing the Mobile News Center chat when its online.