Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Graduation

I’ll never forget the day I graduated high school. I recall an early June evening, so hot even the tassel on my cap sweated.

I’m sure the guest speaker said something important. I think it was something about “facing the future.” But when you think about it…what else was there to face?

Since that long-ago night, I’ve been to more commencements than a cap-and-gown salesman. I even know all the words to “Pomp and Circumstance,” which is pretty tough since it’s an instrumental.

Now, here are some things said at graduations, and what I think they mean.

“It’s nice to see so many bright faces out there.” means either “The light is in my eyes,” or “It looks like everybody took a bath.”

“Today you leave yesterday behind.” means “You may never see that girl from English class again. Ask her out now.”

Next, “I remember my own graduation night.” That means the speaker got out of high school.

“Tomorrow, graduates, you start a new life.” – That mean’s weekly allowance stops, job begins.

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Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

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