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CONCORD, N.H. (Heartland Newsfeed) — On Monday, John Shea, incoming principal of Somersworth High School gave an “F” rating to Gov. Chris Sununu (R-New Hampshire) in an op-ed to Sea Coast Media Group. In his op-ed, he accused the Governor of being proud of his ‘A’ rating from the NRA.

John Shea (left) wrote an op-ed Monday criticizing New Hampshire’s Republican governor Christopher Sununu (right). (Image: Jake Leonard/Heartland Newsfeed)

“My understanding is that you are proud of your “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, Governor – an organization that routinely opposes common sense gun regulation and whose membership is just a bit more than 1 percent of all Americans.”  Shea wrote, “As a New Hampshire public school principal, on the matter of keeping our children safe at school, I would like to offer you a rating/grade of “F.” I understand that’s harsh, but, sir, I believe it is fair.”

Principal Shea also accused Gov. Sununu of not doing enough to enough to cut the number of guns in New Hampshire.

“It’s not always fully recognized, but a principal’s most sacred responsibility is the safety of their students. Unfortunately, Governor, I would like you to know that you are not helping. I state this bluntly, not as a matter of hyperbole, but because I believe it is true. And, yes, I am hoping to get your attention. I am sad, and I am concerned. But mostly, in the wake of ten more deaths at a high school in Texas, I am angry.” Shea said in his op-ed.

Shea’s Op-ed didn’t come without controversy. Catching the eye of groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire.

Shea responded to the Log Cabin Republicans stating that he wrote a letter and email to Sununu before submitting the Op-ed.

And it did not take long for Gov. Sununu to respond to Shea.

“If you think that just by banning an assault rifle we’re just going to make everybody safer, I’m sorry, I just don’t see how that works because there are all these other options out there still,” Sununu told host Laura Knoy “The Exchange”. “Again, you’re walking a very dangerous line when you just keep picking off one weapon after another after another after another. Eventually, you’re going to get to a point where you are just taking people’s firearms away.”

A spokesman for Sununu said the governor shares Shea’s concerns about school safety and cited two initiatives Sununu has undertaken to improve safety in the state’s schools. One is a public infrastructure fund, which includes $20 million in state funds, to make “long overdue” infrastructure and security upgrades to schools, according to the governor’s office. The other is a task force, made up of school officials, to evaluate and recommend steps that can be taken to ensure school safety.

Shea finally responded with “He’s clearly standing his ground that guns are not at all a part of the problem.”

Shea takes over as Somersworth principal on July 1.

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