Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Vacation (or Vacations)

The word vacation comes from two roots: “vacate,” which means to leave, and “shun,” which means avoid. Therefore vacation means, “to leave the comfort of your town, and find a rustic motel near coyotes.”

Vacationers – who are also called “walking wallets” – prepare for the journey by selecting a place. Popular destinations include national parks, large cities with names that jealous neighbors will recognize, and (3) historic sites like museums, or dinosaur tracks.

Before you travel, decide where you want to stay. Do you want a room with nearby swimming pool…or, a room with a kitchen…or a room with a flush toilet?

Select appropriate clothing. Swimwear may be OK for the beach, but rarely at a dude ranch, unless you are a supermodel.

Don’t forget money, checks, or credit cards. Whoever said, “the best things in life are free” never asked for adjoining rooms.

Finally, take lots of video. You’ll enjoy watching it. And you might even experiment showing it to visitors when you want them to leave.

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Rix Quinn is a former magazine publisher who works as an independent biographer and broadcaster.

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