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And One More Thing….the final Libertarian debate

This past week, I was blessed to host the final Libertarian debate before the convention this weekend. I’d like to thank everyone over the last several months that helped make this event possible. It was a great debate between Kash Jackson and Jon Stewart (Matthew C. Scaro was invited, but declined to come at the last minute).  I’ve heard a lot of great reviews from the listeners that the debate was well worth listening too.

From left to right: Libertarian gubernatorial candidates Grayson “Kash” Jackson, Matthew C. Scaro and Jon Stewart participating in the second gubernatorial debate at Southwestern Illinois College’s Belleville campus on Saturday, Jan. 13. (Steve Suess/Libertarian Party of Illinois/Facebook)

So why am I writing this? I’ve held my endorsement till the debate was over. Truth be told, my opinion has changed a little bit after the debate ended. I really enjoyed having Kash Jackson in the debate. He is logical, down to earth and seems like a person who you could sit down with and have a pleasant conversation with about politics. Jon has all of those traits but also has media attention like no other. The truth is…Libertarians need media attention. It is the only way for us to get into the debates. We can’t win unless we get into the debates. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it.  We need to get people talking about us and supporting us via marketing to the media. Jon can that do that for us. He has the most media attention of any candidate I can think of (other than Johnson/Weld). I think Kash and Jon are on par with their message of classical liberalism, but Jon has the attention. Wall to Wall Politics gladly endorses Jon Stewart for Governor.

With that being said, I’d gladly support Kash if he wins the nomination. I hope all three candidates will support whoever wins and redirect their resources to the campaign. Good luck to all the candidates this weekend at the convention…till next time I’ll see you on the airwaves.

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And One More Thing….the final Libertarian debate