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Published On: Mon, Feb 19th, 2018

YMCA planning new gym with commitment to stay in downtown Springfield

SPRINGFIELD (Heartland Newsfeed) — There is much speculation regarding the construction of another new facility for the Springfield YMCA, as the Y and Memorial Medical Center (MMC) have been in ongoing discussions with intent to keep it in downtown Springfield. The question that is being asked is where it will be constructed.

The negotiations are just part of preliminary discussions between the two outfits since early 2017 and it is uncertain whether any information released is currently true or is going to take place, but it is rumored under the new plan that MMC would supply land that they own at the intersection of 4th and Carpenter streets for the new facility, while the current property containing the Y will be transferred over to the Dana Thomas Foundation.

Currently, representatives from the Springfield Y and MMC are reluctant to pass along any specifics regarding the currently private negotiations, but the following is certain at this time: there will be a new YMCA facility built at some point in the future, it will remain in downtown Springfield, will most likely be within the campus or reasonable walking distance of Memorial Medical Center and will offer the same amenities, such as pool, locker rooms, gym, etc., as the current facility.

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YMCA planning new gym with commitment to stay in downtown Springfield